This Might Be The Closest We're Getting To A Video Game Version Of Heat

Payday: The Heist is a first-person cooperative heist game inspired by some of the best in crime cinema.

Here's a look at a run, or attempted run, through Heat Street, the game's caper loosely inspired by the movie Heat. Sorry, no Pacino or De Niro here, but plenty of gunplay.


    Anyone played this? Saw it on Steam, wondering if it's worth a look.

    So its L4D with a crime skin and on what looks exactly like the MW1 engine...which is still based on Quake 3... i mean it does look fairly intense but it looks too much like a MW1 mod to me

      You were on the ball at L4D, but the rest of your tripe is very far off. It is pretty obviously using HLE and in no way ever gives the impressions of MW.

      Just so you know the IW engine isn't based of IDE, but shares the procedures inherent in ID software's radiant engine.

        Perhaps its just the ADS, the HUD the menu structure etc, all the information is in the EXACT same spot and have just had their graphics replaced. I mean obviously a lot of things are inspired by and take cues from MW but this just seems that little bit too much the same. Also the movement and like i said before down the sights...and the way-point indicators...i don't know

    No mention of that GTAIV bank robbery mission? That was epic.

    Im betting this gets banned certain places in relation to the island shooting.

    Damn, it actually is just l4d without zombies. Pass.

      LOL! Bet you enjoyed Dead Island...

    I'm really scared for the amount of crap this game and video games in general are going to get when the media gets hold of this.

    Looking forward to this. I love movies like Heat and The Town, and this looks to be in a similar vein. If the reviews are good and the price is reasonable I'll give it a go.

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