This Might Be The Future Of iPhone Gaming (Or Board Gaming? Or Both!)

The biggest problem with iPhone gaming at the moment is that, thanks to the lack of control options, it's hard to play a game with much meat to it. This rather left-field solution may have a... solution to that.

Granted, you lose much of the iPhones portability with this, but when you see what it's got to offer, you may judge that to be worth it.

This is the OggBoard, a fold-out board (and stand) that uses augmented reality to turn it into anything the game needs. Chess, RISK, whatever!

It won't change the way you play normal iPhone games, but it could change the way we play board games using the device, flipping the current status quo on its head: instead of playing the game on the phone, we'd simply use it as a gateway to play actual board games.

Oggboard [Oggboard, via TDW


    3DS + Wii U controller-screen


    if only we had this when the yugio craze was at its peak, playing yugio with augmented reality would of been awesome because it would played like the tv show

      Konami said last year they were going to work on that, it's very likely now that the show got rid of the holograms and now everybody on the show use AR glases to play the card game.


      Yeah pretty much. I was barely even aware of that game existing but it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this

    >Uses 2 $1000 iPhones

    As a boardgamer with an iPhone, I can see the appeal.

    But myself and others will stick to actual boardgames, because that's what we like.

    There's a larger issue where boardgame companies are reluctant to invest the money into porting a physical boardgame into a wholly-contained-in-the-phone game. I guess they're worried about eating into their core business but personally I believe it would allow conversion AND expansion.

    I don't want a new boardgame to play with AR. Something that might be cool is Monopoly or Game of Life, but even then a core part of the boardgame experience is being able to touch physical things.

    Not exactly unique per se. We've had both Eye of Judgement and the 3DS augmented reality games. Plus there's that Scrabble game that used bluetooth to allow four iphones to act as the tile racks and an iPad to be the board. Not to mention quite a few geo-location based ARGs that combine GPS and AR without the markers.

    Still, it could work as long as developers are willing to port their games across the different tablet and phone OSes out there and consumers are willing to pay for the different tilesets based on the games they want to play. (Those tiles are too big for a game like Go, or Monopoly) I'd so play a game like Space Crusade though. Or heck, use it to represent DnD worlds.

    My biggest question though is why would I use it when I can just as easily render everything on my mobile device and connect to another mobile device via Wi-Fi/NFC/Bluetooth? Now, if it was something like Skylanders, with miniatures on the board being rendered on screen in the game world, that would pique my curiosity.

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