This Persona Fighting Game Trailer Is Giving Me A Headache

Not because it looks bad. It looks great! But all that flashing, and bright lights, and flashing. Argh!

I sadly didn't get a chance to play Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena at last week's Tokyo Game Show, when it was playable, but the guys from Kotaku Japan did and said it was surprisingly awesome. As you'd kind of hope for, considering it's being developed by Arc System Works, the guys behind the BlazBlue series.


    I'm guessing Teddy/Naoto just haven't been shown fighting yet...

    I'd personally like Rise as well, and hopefully some more P3 characters, apart from Aegis.

    I HATE Aegis. Almost as much as Fuuka. By the end of P3, their voice acting had driven me insane.

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