This PS3 Collaboration Disappoints Me

Late last month, a countdown clock appeared, teasing a collaboration between Tecmo Koei and Namco Bandai.

In years past, Koei and Namco Bandai collaborated to create Gundam Musou, a Gundam meets a hack-and-slash Dynasty Warriors style game.

Now that Tecmo and Koei have merged, the idea of a Tecmo Koei collaboration with Namco Bandai sends notions of a title with Gundam battling Ninja Gaiden ninjas or Dead or Alive girls in hack-and-slash gameplay.

We are getting nothing of the sort.

Instead, the fruit of their labour is a One Piece: Kaizoku Musou, a hack-and-slash version of the manga One Piece.

Out of all the properties that Namco Bandai owns, I like One Piece the least—not a fan at all! That explains my meh reaction. Japanese netizens, however, do seem excited. Good for them.

The game currently does not have a release date. It is slated for the PS3.

これが「ワンピース 海賊無双」か・・・。 ついにPS3を買う日が来たか! [Twitpic via 終わコン]


    [Anything] Musou will be awful. Make us a real Gundam game, ffs

    I think One Piece fit in Musou gameplay very well.. not tat bad actually..

    Have to agree with the article, the less there is of shounen crap, the better; in my opinion.

    This game will outsell Call of Duty.

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