This Soup-Style Gaming TV Show Will Not Be On Comedy Central

This Soup-Style Gaming TV Show Will Not Be On Comedy Central

The Nerdist podcast co-host Jonah Ray wanted to create a Comedy Central show that was like The Soup, only for video games. Comedy Central said no, and now Jonah’s failure is complete, so he decided to share it with us.

Poor Jonah. The concept is sound, and the formula has been proven time and time again. I think the only problem with a show like Jonah’s Arcade is that it’s something only gamers would watch, yet it must make fun of them to fit the format. If I’m going to trade gaming time for weekly TV show time, I’d rather not be insulted in the process, even if it’s meant in jest.

That, and the hit-or-miss humour misses a lot more than it hits. The Call of Duty bit towards the end is priceless, but the rest? Not so much. I listen to The Nerdist every week, and when Chris Hardwick lets him talk, Jonah is way more entertaining than this.

What do you guys think?

Jonah’s Arcade Full Pilot [Here is Your Jonah Ray]


  • I thought it was great -pretty much all funny and suprisingly sharp and well executed.

    I liked the liberal sense of humour and think that it was a kind of self depreciation rather than making fun of “us”.

    It’s very much done in the style of John Stewart, which I also likes, and makes sense given it was for Comedy Central.

    Perhaps EB could buy the rights and release it as a free vidjo podcast via their websites and itunes?

  • I watched the whole thing, and I thought it was pretty darned funny all the way through. I didn’t think he was taking the piss out of gamers, but he certainly had a go at the subset of gamers who deserve it!

  • If a video game-orientated-Soup-style show could work, we’re not going to be able to tell with this guy, he’s simply not good enough. You can tell he put a lot of effort into it which was great, but he just doesn’t have the talent to back it up. Comedy is hard and this entire clip is way off the mark.

  • This was like the US counterpart to “GAME TV”.

    Unfunny, insulting and unentertaining.

    I barely survived two minutes.

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