This Vita Game Is Metal Up Your Ass

I'm not normally a man to carry around regret, but last week, I didn't get a chance to play this game. The lines, as we've told you, were too damn long. But if ever Square Enix were going to make a game that spoke directly to my heart, it would be this.

Army Corps of Hell is a Vita game that is exactly what it looks like: Nintendo's Pikmin series ported to another console and given a facelift. A brutal, metal facelift.

It'll be released as a Vita launch title in Japan on December 17. No word on a Western release, but given the trappings of the game, they'd be bananas not to bring it on over.


    this trailer is full of rage lol

    If I was told that this was David Jaffe's take on Pikmin, I would not doubt.

    Good to see they're trying to target different audiences... >__>

    So.. Brutal Legend...

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