This Week In The Business: ‘Nintendo Would Cease To Be Nintendo’

This Week In The Business: ‘Nintendo Would Cease To Be Nintendo’

What’s happened in the business of video games this past week…

QUOTE | “Nintendo would cease to be Nintendo.” – Satoru Iwata once again says, despite mounting pressure, that his company will “absolutely not consider” smartphone development, which goes against Nintendo’s philosophy.

QUOTE | “Gears 3 is better on every level.” – Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski voices his displeasure with reviewers who gave the latest Gears a lower score than Gears 1 or 2.

STAT | 71% – That’s the percentage of iPad owners in the US who regularly use the tablet for gaming, according to Interpret, which pegs the number of iPad gamers in America at 8 million.

QUOTE | “Switch to digital is imminent.” – Chair Entertainment’s Donald Mustard talks about the industry’s digital future and how he wants to see a console “that could be with me all the time.”

QUOTE | “Not competing.” – Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano insists that the PlayStation Vita is not in competition with Nintendo 3DS but that its target is smartphones.

QUOTE | “Rare didn’t fall off the map.” – Rare studio manager Scott Henson talks about the developer’s evolution and great success with Kinect Sports, which sold 3 million copies.

QUOTE | “A smart move.” – Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg comments on the second circle pad add-on for Nintendo 3DS, which should make the handheld better aligned with shooters and the publisher’s style of games.

STAT | $US7.2 billion — The forecasted revenue to come from advertising in games worldwide by 2016, according to DFC Intelligence, which says video games are “underutilized” for ads right now.

QUOTE | “PS3 3D games only scratching the surface.” – Sony’s Mick Hocking remains a huge believer in the potential of 3D gaming, which as a creative medium is still very early days.

QUOTE | “Overall pie is definitely growing.” – Analysts Michael Pachter and Jesse Divnich back up Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg’s assertion that the shooter market is still growing and Battlefield 3 won’t hurt Call of Duty.

STAT | 3 million — The number of copies Warner Bros. has sold of the new, revamped Mortal Kombat, which Warner says is now the best selling console game in the fighting franchise.

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  • We don’t mind advertising in games where you would expect to see advertising, like sports games and other things like Jet Rider (PS1, which needs a modern sequel), but don’t be stuffing ads in my face when I’m trying to play Final Fantasy. And you can forget trying shameful product placemen0t in anything.

    Stop trying to take things that are free and open (even if paid for) and locking them down with ads.

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