This Week In The Business: ‘PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360’

This Week In The Business: ‘PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360’

What’s happened in the business of video games this past week…

QUOTE | “PS3 will outsell Xbox 360.” – That’s the belief of Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, IF Microsoft decides to stand pat on 360 price this Christmas.

QUOTE | “Like a religion.” – Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg says 60 frames per second is critical to Call of Duty as he describes the four principles that the franchise is built on.

QUOTE | “The door’s always open.” – Ultima creator Richard Garriott says he still has “particular ideas” for the future of Ultima and would welcome the opportunity to work with EA on a new game in the franchise.

TWIST | EA’s been accused of mudslinging against Activision, but did EA start the fight? Activision Blizzard head honcho Bobby Kotick has repeatedly attacked EA in the past.

QUOTE | “Just another Facebook.” – Veteran developer Ed Del Castillo talks about what Google+ Games needs to do to beat Facebook, but for now he sees Google+ as a “baby step.”

QUOTE | “Quite limiting.” iOS developer Frima Studio, participating in a feature on what studios want to see in iPad 3, notes that Apple’s continual lack of support for Flash is taking away a vast array of gaming content from the iPad and iPhone.

QUOTE | “A lame idea.” – Speaking in his monthly “Pachter’s Podium” column, analyst Michael Pachter says that Sony’s “trying to salvage” PlayStation Home with free-to-play games.

STAT | 25 million — The new high end of Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia’s revised forecast for how many units GTA V could sell next year.

QUOTE | “Change or die mentality.” – BioWare co-founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk talk about the challenges of adapting to a fast moving and evolving video game industry.

QUOTE | “Pretty pumped up.” – SCEA Senior VP of Publisher Relations Rob Dyer says that third parties are plenty excited about the impact of the new $US249 price point for PS3.

QUOTE | “Renaissance of the independent game developer.” – iOS game developers weigh in on the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple, noting that his “impact will endure.”

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