This World Of Warcraft Family Is A Bad Sitcom In The Making

The family that games together stays together. Or so the Santellana family believes, having traded in family outings for nights spent roaming Azeroth on their matching mounts.

They're part of a guild that includes...the parents and two sons, and have setup a World of Warcraft command station in their living room so that all four of them can game in the same place at the same time.

Sounds strange, but I used to know a family who stayed home Friday nights to play a custom Star Trek simulation. In costume. That was strange.

World of Warcraft Family of the Day [TDW]


    You know what? Good on them.
    Good on them for doing it as a family.

    Hell of a lot better than kids and adults screaming at each other over what they should and shouldnt be doing with their time.

    This is the saddest shit I have seen today.

      I agree, somewhat. It's good there's a healthy relationship between the family, but the way they're spending their time...well that's the only healthy relationship any of them are going to have.

        Well this video is only showing what's relevant to the story: a family that plays an mmo together. They may only do it once a week, once a month, whatever. To think that this is all they do all day seems like a bit of an ASSumption.

          Yeah, you're right. People always assume the worst.

          It's taking up half their lounge room, I'd say they do it very regularly!

    Wonder what their power bills are like.

    Yeah I am all for it. As long as they still get out and do other stuff.

    Lets face it alot of families are not rich enough to be going out all the time and doing stuff so this gives them something to do when at home instead of sitting around the TV.

    This is really cool. Family time is great no matter what they do.

    i wish my parents played games.

    Also good on them for playing as a family, whats the difference between this and the family sitting down for tv or a board game, well the difference is that they play together and build great teamwork skills and help understand who each other are better.

    This shouldn't be laughed at or shamed at all.

    While family time is good (if you can tolerate your family), even though they're in the same room, they still seem separate from one another. I imagine real bonding is difficult while yelling for your brother to heal you.

    Also, who is the unlucky bastard that gets to be the 5th man for dungeons?

      You just don't take a 5th... you can communicate with each other and know how everyone plays.

    My family are like this, can be up 6-7 people in the house hold playing an mmo together at any one time. It's a great way to spend time with the family.

    You know, I think it's pretty unreasonable to have a go at this family. They are spending quality time together, better then the kids running off and smashing up the neighbourhood.

    Sure, their choice of game isn't amazing (IMHO), nor is the health risks. But At the same time, we don't know if they get exercise outisde of playing WoW - they might!

    Other then the health risks, its probably a lot better then a family relationship laced with vitriole.

    I think its great. Those boys are at the age where they could be off doing all kinds of antisocial things, but they are hanging out with mum & dad and learning about teamwork while sharing a common interest. Thats rare.

    My son and I play minecraft together on our own server. Its lots of fun! But is this any different? Would people critisize us for that? or is it just because its WoW those people are playing that there is so much negativity?

    As others have said, we don't know how long they play for or what else they do in their spare time. They might only play a few hrs a week!

      That's the part that nags at me. It seems anti-social to hang out with your parents like this at that age. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong but it has that whole bringing your parents to a party vibe.

    With all the domestic violence and broken families, it seems narrow minded to look down on this.

    I think this is great. Anything that keeps a family healthy and spending good time together is fantastic. It's one thing to go to the footy with your dad or help your mum with the shopping, but having actual team building exercises together really creates a cohesive 'Family Unit'. Sure it's different, but fuck the norm, societies greatest have never been normal, it's actually the definition of greatness.

    LOL!! Excellent, i need to get a family so i can raid nao!

    ... a custom Star Trek simulation complete with costumes??

    I now know why my childhood felt incomplete

    I play online games with my 3 sons and because they all live in different cities it's the best way we can communicate with each others.
    A few hours of MMO everyday is cheaper than the same time on the phone.

    I believe his is great. They're spending a lot of time together, the parents are aware of what the kids are doing online and are safe. Being involved in their lives and hobbies; that's all just great.

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