Trading Places

This is Trading Places, where we collate the trade in deals currently available at the big three specialist games retailers in the country. If you have games to trade and you want to get the best deal possible, this is a pretty good place to start.

But first, a quick disclaimer – these trade-in prices will change from day to day.

EDIT: Both GAME and EB have a trade-in deal where, if you trade towards any kind of pre-order, you get extra trade value. Currently EB are offering a 50% bump on all available trades, and GAME is offering a slightly increased 55%.

AFL LIVE (Wii) GAME: $35 EB: $38 JB Hifi: $30

Alice Madness Returns (PS3) GAME:$40 EB: $40 JB Hifi: $30 inFamous 2 (PS3) GAME: $33 EB: $30 JB Hifi: $24

Kirby Superstar Ultra (DS) GAME: $20 EB: $14 JB Hifi: $10

LEGO Star Wars III (3DS) GAME: $25 EB: $23 JB Hifi: $22

LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3) GAME: $28 EB: $22 JB Hifi: $17

No More Heroes (Wii) GAME: $32 EB: $28 JB Hifi: $22

The Conduit 2 (Wii) GAME: $28 EB: $23 JB Hifi: $25

WWE Allstars (Wii) GAME: $21 EB: $16 JB Hifi: $20


    Did anyone actually purchase a copy of The Conduit 2 in order to trade it in? I think not.

      I have been gifted so many games that I am sure GAME/EB/JB would pay me to keep.

        I've still got PS3 promo copies of Ghostbusters and a bunch of others from when i used to work at EB... i don't want them, i can't trade in promo copies of games, and i've tried selling them, to no avail :(

        You know Tracey, there are many needy gamers out there. Some of whow haven't played a new game in months, even years...If you have a copy of the Condiut 2 you should give it to those guys doing the world's worst game marathon.

          I don't have a copy of The Conduit 2, but I can offer you a PC copy of Madagascar (yes, the one based on the movie). yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

    I like how the trade in value on Alice: Madness Returns is almost as much as I paid for it from ozgameshop.

    Shame I'm not a fan of trading in games, even if I rarely play them again. Hoarder mentality, not always a great thing.

      You're not a hoarder, you're a "collector". X3 I never trade in games unless the sight of the cover makes me rage *coughcoughRayman3DScoughcough*

    Ummm.... You mean No More Heroes for the PS3 right???? :P

    The question is do I trade in Deus Ex already, or play through it again ..

      1 more play through... then trade XD

        Was thinking exactly the same thing, but decided to play it again on Hard, raising no alarms and no lethal takedowns for a cool 300 gamerpoints all up (as I was robbed the first time by killing three dudes on the very first mission aaaahhhh). Am addicted all over again, only finished it last night, havent had a game keep me interested like this for a while!

      Hold onto it, people should buy this game like you did new. Support the games that justify full price. Shit games like Rayman 3DS can loose out on developer profit for sucking.

        I never played Rayman 2 and I like Rayman 3D. I don't get what all the negativity is about. The 3D is pretty nice, the visuals are crisp and its classic 90's platforming. The only negative thing I have about it is they've made it too easy by having unlimited lives, even though I still obviously try to avoid dying because you have to start the level again.

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