Turn Deus Ex: HR Into More Of A PC Game

I played Deus Ex on PC. It was...OK, but didn't run as nicely as I thought it would, and didn't give me as much control over things as I would have liked. Know what it was missing? A debug mode. Know what we've got now?

A debug mode! How'd you guess?

A mod has been released for the game that gives the PC gamer access to all kinds of tweaks for the title, from the important (like skipping those unskippable intro splash screens) to the enjoyable (cheats like infinite energy) to the cosmetic (turning off the HUD).

You can even pick a level to skip straight to from the main menu of the game. All of which is perfect for my impending second playthrough, where I'm going to use double takedowns on every single character in the game until I'm Adam Jensen, the last half-man-half-elbow-knives on Earth.

Debug Menu Enabled [Eidos]

(Top image courtesy of Sharkelberry | SomethingAwful)


    Any word on when they'll release a hi-res texture pack and redo the in-engine cutscenes?

      Exactly. I'm sure the assets already exist in hires form, it'd be nice for them to offer them as an optional download.

      Then again, given the state of the industry and DLC, they'd probably charge for it...

      Totaly need a hi res texture pack + fix their cover system, it is so bugged on the pc.
      But i am enjoying it between my rage quits.

    hehe made by none other than the infamous Gibbed as well i see.

    Nice to see, really enjoyed the game though I think the original was a little better in some way. Certainly it is head and shoulders above any FPS from the last generation. I would love to be able to play through it with some cheats/mods to have some fun with though.

    There's an easier way to turn this into a PC game. Just ask a friend to delete random *.dll files from the install directory to force the game to crash.

    [heh heh heh]

    Am I the only one who wasn't bothered by the fuzzy cut scenes?

      I'm not bothered, but could be because I'm running in 1366x768 on a 11" screen.

      I've survived the trauma. Somehow.

      this is the first ive heard of people being disappointed. im still finishing it, just got to lower asiatown, im very impressed with the graphics, and the cutscenes do the job fine. then again my computer didnt cost 1200 bucks, if it did, i'd probably want more as well

    Does it work with the Steam version of the game?

    Does it work with the Steam version of the game?

    ^ All version of the game use steam. and yes, the cut scenes looked horrible, like last gen splinter cell stuff or something. Totally not acceptable, especially after the amazing CG trailer, that was just a tease.

    What about a patch to make the game actually work properly? I'm on a 3.6ghz E8200 OC and an HD5770 and I get a grand total of about 20FPS with every effect turned off (except Vsync, otherwise every frame is torn) at 1680x1050.

      OK, that was my fault. Verifying Steam's cache fixed this perfectly. :)

        Whoops :P

    1080 reso, all High settings and 60fps all on a laptop.

    Provided I was also on Nvidia, nope sorry Deus Ex on PC was pretty decent.

      Yeah it was decent save for all those graphical glitches that came with the game being a poorly done console port with DX11 features tacked on as an afterthought.

        Other than the visual glitches, performance wise it wasn't too bad, which is really what matters in the end.

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