Unreal Dev Kit Adds Mac Support

Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit, the developer side of the engine that powers Gears of War, Mass Effect, Infinity Blade, Mortal Kombat, and dozens of other titles, has a new beta release. Within is support for UDK games on Mac OS X, meaning, hopefully, more native games on Apple-made computers.

Epic's Unreal dev tools already supports Apple's iOS, but it appears that the people who make Unreal Tournament, Gears and one of the most popular video game engines, are serious about expanding the userbase for UDK. For those of us who would prefer to play from OS X as opposed to Boot Camp/Windows, it's a welcome update.

Now, how about some more Mac games, folks?

Epic Games Releases September 2011 Unreal Development Kit Beta [UDK]


    they could start by updating the osx steam so it isn't such a huge buggy resource hog

    or you guys could just buy PCs save yourself 100s of dollars and stop posing. from professional mac user/ Pc gamer

    Don't buy a mac and complain you can't game and expect the industry to cater for you, it's for creativity, not gaming/productivity.

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