Uwe Boll’s Latest Game Movie Fodder

Uwe Boll’s Latest Game Movie Fodder

Uwe Boll, who’s not as bad as you think, is making a new video game movie, Zombie Massacre.

Zombie Massacre is a 1998 Amiga title also known as Gloom 4. If you think Gloom sounds like “Doom”, that’s no accident. It was a Doom clone.

Boll won’t be helming the project, but producing. Marco Ristori and Luca Boni, who directed the 2011 zombie flick Eaters, will be handling the directing duties.

The movie’s tagline is “There is no hope.” Strangely appropriate.

Uwe Boll Produces New video game adaptation ‘Zombie Massacre’ [Bloody-Disgusting]


  • Uwe Boll, who’s not as bad as you think?

    The only outcome I can figure out from that is that he’s worse than we think.

    • I think he means that there’s a few movies he’s done that didn’t offend everybody as bad as his videogame movies.

  • Yeah, the linked article tries to pass the buck from Uwe to games themselves as being a poor source of movie fodder, but given Uwe rarely bases his movies on the games at all other than lifting the titles and basic genre, it’s a flawed arguement to begin with.

    His non game films have been equally painful. The only one I haven’t seen which got marginally average to positive write ups was Rampage about a guy on a shooting spree.

  • Hmmm I am strangely attracted to see how bad the moveie is.
    But judging from the recent Bloodrayne 3 movie he is seriously just shoveling crap on our plate.

    But the strange thing is he has made some good movies Postal was actualy quite good and Tunnel Rats was another.

    What happened to the Tunnel Rats game?

    Ohh and Far Cry was stunningly bad, but not even in a good way like House of the Dead, sorry Nathan.

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