Vic Viper, You Are Cleared For Take-Off

So, blogger RoboRay bought himself a model kit of a Vic Viper fighter from classic shooter series Gradius. Upon completion, he took some photos. Not boring inside photos. Wonderful outside, pretend-the-Vic-Viper-is-actually-flying photos.

Konami's Gradius series has been with us since 1985, resulting in over a dozen of the finest shmup games on the planet.

Gradius Vic Viper finished! [RoboRay, via VGJUNK]


    Just gorgeous. Now, get me some Gunpla photos like this!

    Nice photography work (as for the model .... )

    That model looks cool!

    If he can do the Normandy, I'd buy it off of him straight away.

    This is the model the orbital frame from ZOE was based on, Funny thing I didn't realize it was a Vic Viper until the Options started shoting at me.

      Man I love that game! love how it 'transforms' but still looks cool either way.

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