Vice City Meets 2011 In Vice City Rage

Vice City Meets 2011 In Vice City Rage

The last we saw of Grand Theft Auto IV mod Vice City Rage, it was looking a little… empty. A few months on and the team behind the overhaul of the 2002 classic have made some good progress.

Star Tommy Vercetti is now in the game engine and sticking to the ground, meaning the building blocks for a good Grand Theft Auto experience — a man and some cars to drive — are now up and running.

A lot more of Grand Theft Auto IV’s less immediate improvements are now in the mod as well, like day-night cycles, lighting effects and vehicle handling.

Vice City Rage will hopefully be out on PC this Christmas. Can’t. Wait.


  • I would have hoped they’d update the thing graphically too, not just port it to a new engine. VC was my favourite of the GTA games, so this is nostalgic in a way heh.

  • theres a version of san andreas on rage that i currently have and not play. it was way to broken. as somebody who used to be in the gta modding crowd i hope they do proper bug tests and add ped scripts and make it feel as comfortable to play as gtaiv.

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