Vita Can Play ‘Most’ Downloadable PSP Games

Vita Can Play ‘Most’ Downloadable PSP Games

Sony’s next generation handheld will, as previously promised, support downloadable PSP titles. The PlayStation Vita will even let you take advantage of its dual analogue sticks to control some software. But what about those of us with nothing but PSP games on UMD?

Well, Sony says that it’s “thinking” about a solution that would accommodate PlayStation Portable owners who want to experience those games on the Vita, but it had no firm details to share at its Tokyo Game Show press conference.

PlayStation Vita hits Japan on December 17 with more than two dozen launch games in tow.


    • Honestly, I would buy a (upto) $100 dock that would allow me to legitimately copy my UMD games into Media Go, and thus manage my PSP library that way.

      • The problem with a device like that is in how it would prevent you from loading up all of your friends’ games (or rented games).

        With UMDs being read-only and each copy being identical, there is no way to make sure each copy is converted at most once unless the converter also physically modifies the UMDs you feed it.

        • They’d have to keep that tech internal so only sony employees can illegally copy their friends games. The way I expect a system like that to work is that you’d have to mail in your UMD and probably pay a fee for conversion

        • Completely agree the problem that it poses, but at the same time, there is nothing stopping me from basically downloading any PSP game out there at the moment. So either way, Sony are damned either way.

          Just figure that if such a device existed, that revenue from the sale of the device could be shared amongst publishers also. At least some money is going back into the industry.

          • A more realistic option might be some kind of service where you can trade your UMD disc for a download code for the same game. Not sure how they’d work that, though… presumably you’d have to mail the discs in, I doubt EB etc would be too interested in running that kind of service. Although I guess they could charge a fee per game.

  • I hope i can play valkyria chronicles 2 on it. My PSP got pinched a few days before it got released so I still have not played it.

  • Well, if the hardware is capable of running PSP software, modders will make it possible to run ISO’s. Sony support is irrelevant.

    • If they can hack it that is. Sony’s pretty much stopped them when it comes to the PS3 now, and only the older firmwares which aren’t even installed on the stock on the shelves anymore, can be hacked, not to mention most newer games can’t be played on custom firmwares. Sony has learnt a lot, so don’t expect the Vita to be as easily hacked as the PSP.

      • With how large the psp hacking community. Believe me something is bound to happen. Whever Sony can stop them like with the PS3 is the question though.

        But seeing as the PSP hacking community is still going strong enough to host competition with thousands of dollars in prizes. This will be a tough battle.


  • So, everyone was angry about the PSPgo failing and DID NOT SEE THIS COMING?

    I own a PSPgo, and I honestly didn’t think it failed. But for all the shit people give it, I’m laughing now, since all of my PSP games are digital and I can just continue playing the second I get a Vita, whereas you’ll (as you’ve finally realised) have to buy them again.

    They’re cheaper on PSN, just get them and be done with it.

    • So what you are saying is that you on purpose chose not to purchase a PSP for the first 5 years it was on the market because you knew they were going to go with a all digital platform in the future?

      Do you happen to have the lottery numbers by any chance?

      It’s odd thing to say really, there are many people that got a PSP well before the Go was even an idea, so 99% of all PSP owners are likely to have at least one UMD game. We’re not really angry, we’d just like an option

      • Not at all. I had a PSP1000 from launch. All I’m saying is that instead of bitching, I accepted that Sony were likely to dump the UMD and took the opportunity to buy all my games on the PS Store. Notice that it worked out.

        People sticking the the UMDs are still raging. Just move on and buy from the store :\

  • No offense, but the PSPgo should have been a good indication that your old UMD’s were not going to make it to the Vita.

    Complaints about the go not been compatible with them is one thing. Complaints about the new generation Vita is just stupid.

  • It’s not that anyone cares about the UMD discs, it’s about prior investment into a now dead medium, and about range of titles. Frankly PSN store has very few PSP titles compared to the UMD format. There are 3 Macross games I know of off the top of my head that don’t exist outside of UMD discs, and they are why I’d mainly buy a PSP console. Until Sony either increases the online selection to cover all the old titles, or releases a transfer solution. There really is no point to owning a PSP for myself.

  • My entire collection of PSP titles is digital these days. Although it works out so cheap to do this if you’re using the US store like I am….

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