Voyage Of Discovery Into The Epic Edition Of Gears Of War 3

Late last week, Microsoft was kind enough to send along a massive box containing the Epic Edition of Gears of War 3. I thought it would be fun to walk you through the various things you can do with this huge, sexy box and its contents. Let's dig in!

Observe the box.

That is one big box. Lookit that thing. It's huge. I wonder how you open it.

Touch the box.

Mmm, feels like a box. Weighty, and firm. This is already getting kind of weird.

Open the box.

There is styrofoam inside, and some objects sticking up through the styrofoam. Touch the styrofoam. It has a gear on it.

Hold the styrofoam in your hand.

It is light, like styrofoam is. It squeaks when you remove it from the box.

Look at the Marcus Fenix Figurine in the box.

He's in there all right, glowering in the dark. I wonder if he can see us.

Touch the Marcus Fenix figurine.

His head is kind of squishy, like maybe it's made out of rubber instead of plastic.

Remove the figurine, and the stuff around it.

The figurine is indeed made out of some sort of rubber composite. It is very detailed, and doesn't have that weird smell that things like this tend to have though, which is nice.

Check out Tom's book.

It's a very good book. This, on the other hand, is not a very good picture of it.

Check out the nice, metal gear that comes in the box.

It's nice, because it is actually made of metal.

Read through the documents and letters that are enclosed.

They are mostly related to Adam Fenix, Marcus's father. Who we now can assume is in the game. There are some nice pictures included, though they feel a bit overly nostalgic considering the tone of the game. Skim them for fear of spoilers.

Check out the Lancer.

The Lancer that Marcus is supposed to be leaning on comes separately. It is pretty badass.

Compare the Lancer to the Halo assault rifle that came bundled with the Master Chief action figure you got at PAX.

The Lancer is hilariously bigger than the Halo assault rifle.

Pose your Master Chief action figure next to the towering Marcus Fenix statue.

Draw conclusions about what their disparate sizes say about the quality of their corresponding game franchises.

Arrange your figurines so that it looks like giant Marcus Feenix is bearing down on a terrified Master Chief.

Laugh about it.

Lay out the entire Epic Edition in all its glory.

Take it all in. Then, clean it up and go and play some Gears of War 3.


    Can't wait! Gears is such a fun co-op game, really looking forward to this.

    Must say that the size of the flag is rather disappointing but nonetheless I look forward to receiving my epic edition on the 20th.

    Retro Lancer edition is better tbh.

    That's not fun, that's torture! I've been calling around for the last month and a half trying to find an Epic Edition of Gears 3 but they've been sold out every where. :-(

      If you hurry over to ebgames, they've got some bavk in stock that they're selling online only.

    Cannot wait to get my hands on this next week!

    Have ordered two copies a while back - one for me and one for my brother

    EB just said they have afew epic editions for online orders.

    Urgh, so annoyed this sold out a week after it was announced. I went in during the second week, thinking I could get in real early and to find out it was already gone.

    Is it weird that the more I kept reading this article, the more it started sounding like the Old Spice Guy in my head? o_O

    i'm keen for this to launch next week, i had a standard one pre-ordered aaaaaaaaages ago, then when they announced the Epic Edition i called up and swapped it over on the phone :D

    What to get... The Epic Edition or Limited Editon...

    Im soo pulled between the 2 :(

      the figurine is the only thing that makes the massive price worth it. The medal is nothing worth having years down the track but the marcus statue will still be a cool statue 10 years from now.

    Amazon still has both Editions available...

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