Watch Ice-T Unbox Gears Of War 3 Xbox 360 And Huge Lancer

Ice-T, rapper, actor, original gangster, Gears of War fan and occasional unboxer, directs his taking things out of boxes talents at the limited edition Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 and one "big-ass Lancer". Yeah. Real talk.

Ice gives us our first look at the Gears-themed console in the wild, an Xbox 360 that lands in just a couple weeks, September 20 in North America. And before you start thinking that Ice is frontin', the artist remarks "I'm not frontin' on y'all. I'm not here trying to act like I'm special or anything." It's just that he's in the game, portraying Griffin, and got the hook up from Epic Games' Rod "GearsViking" Fergusson and Cliff "Dude Huge" Bleszinski.

But you can see all that, and what one big-ass Lancer looks like to the scale of one Ice-T, in the video above.


    at first, I totally thought that like, he was frotin' but then I was like, nah' he aint frontin'

    Wait! Casual mode? Pretty weak Ice-T. That is possibly the best limited edition console I have ever seen. If I didnt have an Xbox360 slim already I'd be all over that... Who am I kidding I will probably buy it at some stage!

    Dude will sell barbie dolls if you flash him the cash. Man it is such a let down to see this rebel/anti establishment hero sell out to the advertising dollar. From legend to advertising chump.

      You know it startd wayyy back with the Black and Decker product placement right??

    I liked him when he was doing his Bodycount thing.

    Am I the only one who doesn't want gamers to be associated with rappers and gansters?

      Yeah I agree. They're not hard enough.

    Did anyone else cringe as he practically throws everything around as though it isn't worth anything?

    What a total waste and this is mindless western consumerism at its finest. That lancer serves no functional purpose and merchandising like this is simply unsustainable. When are people going to realise that they simply don't need peripherals like this? Can't the just be happy with the game? As I do think it will be an awesome game. But stuff like this is stupid and ridiculous!

      So your house is completely void of any kind of trinket or knicknack that has no functional purpose?

    :{ guy doesn't even have a knife on him when hes frontin' the G.O.W 3 funky blam dope shiz.

    His gamertags LORD 187X.
    Hes about to get a million friend requests, lol.

    I'd actually start watching his cop show if he ran around with that Lancer, chainsawing petty criminals.

    Aight I knew he be frontin when he pimped dat lancer shizzle. But ma nizzle homie be stylin wit dat gears 3. It's so wack how I be waitin til da 20th. Imma trippin just thinking about it fo shizzle.

    How is it nobody else is thinking: why the sweet baby Ninja Turtles does he have the console in a hidden room off to the side?! Or is this something he explains on this T loves Coco or Ice loves Coco or WHATEVER that show is called

    Twitter Gang. It's fuckin' murder on dem streets.

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