Watch Nintendo's 3DS Conference Live, Read Our Liveblog

Nintendo is holding a press conference in Tokyo today, revealing the future of the Nintendo 3DS. Will Nintendo show its garish 3DS Circle Pad add-on in action for the first time? (Probably.) Will Nintendo reveal a revamped 3DS, as rumours have suggested? Perhaps.

The only way to find out? Watch Nintendo's livestream of the 3DS Conference 2011 and read our live coverage of the event, happening right now!

Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 [Ustream]


    I was a massive Nintendo Fan. Sick of all the dissappointments. Either release new IP's for 3ds or more info on the Wii U. Everything else is meaningless.

      Well then Girl Mode is for you!!!! (Im not having a go at you either, that is a NEW IP announced today. (or at least I think that is what happened as I couldnt understand the conference).

      +1. Was a big fan myself for many years but recently everything they do seems to have one fatal flaw luking in it's design that stops me from deciding it's worth the cash.


      3DS was the first Nintendo console I've bought since my N64. Won't be buying another one anytime soon. GG Nintendo.

        In which you win, because case you can now go buy a selection of the huge range of awesome DS games out there. Well done!

          Wow, sentence fail. Rearrange the first few words and you'll get something approximating coherence.

            Hey everyone, guy this look at!

    what part of this blog is live? where’s the updates?

    Monster Hunter 4 is a MUST HAVE! I think that video clip looked awesome. If the in-game battles are that intense, then it's probably gonna be an awesome experience.

    And I'll bet my money that they'll make it for the Wii U as well, with a connection to the 3DS with profile swapping. Hope, hope, hope..

    The Gamecube and DS both had phenominal game lineups. The Wii had some gems, too. Pity nobody bought them.

      Oh yeah, totally. Nobody bought them.
      You know, it's just the most profitable console (including games) out of its competitors.

      The GameCube did far worse.

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