Watch Out Hackers! Sony Hired A Homeland Security Official

Earlier this year, a cyber attack resulted in a 23-day outage of the PSN and the theft of personal details from over 77 million accounts. Sony is strengthening its online network and stepping up its security.

Sony created a new chief information security officer post, reported Reuters, and selected former US Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Reitinger for the position, who will be based in Washington.

"Certainly the network issue was a catalyst for the appointment," a Sony spokesman said. "We are looking to bolster our network security even further."

Since the security breach, Sony has added over three million new PSN users.

Sony recuits information boss [Reuters]

Top photo: Homeland Security/AP


    So...doess this mean that my PS3 will start groping me for "dangers" each time I turn it on? It's made travel in the US so much better. :)

    Only the other day i had someone from the US try and take $14k from my credit card. I've been wondering if it was from the sony hack or not :(

    I doubt it, as I'm sure i would have heard of others... but can't think of how else it could of happened

    Yeah because the US govt websites totally didn't get hacked. Oh wait they did...

    Sounds like a solid plan, hiring someone from such a corrupt and useless department. I mean the former head of it, who signed off on all those body scanners at American airports, then resigned and went to go be the president of a security company... that makes said body scanners...

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