Watch Resident Evil 4 HD Vs. Resident Evil 4 For Gamecube

Watch Resident Evil 4  HD Vs. Resident Evil 4 For Gamecube

The high-definition remake of Gamecube horror classic Resident Evil 4 has finally been released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, via the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. We opted for the Xbox 360 version, a hefty 3.59 GB download.

To highlight the changes that were made in Resident Evil 4‘s HD upgrades, we captured footage from the original Resident Evil 4 for GameCube and the current-gen re-release. Above, you’ll be able to see how the menus vary, the cutscenes differ and what RE4 looks like six years later.


  • I’ve missed the Resident Evil series. Hope they bring out 1, 2 and 3 in HD. Think I’ll get this tonight for 360.

  • Gametrailers actually called this a lazy port, mentioning that it even slows down at times and suggested to just pick up the Wii version.

  • Considering this is the only one out the main series I haven’t played, I’ll pick it up. I’m also wondering if anyone has actually played it yet, or is just relaying what they read on a website somewhere.

  • I was seriously hanging out for this then i read about the piss poor attempt at a HD makeover and NO MOVE SUPPORT!!!

    You suck arses Capcom.

  • I got it on PS3 and it looks freaking awesome. Hell I say it looks better than the PC version. (with no texture mods of course)

  • the wii version was amazing, despite ok graphics the great controls are a million times better than what the xbox 360 or ps3 can put out

  • da hell, was that really how i remembered re4 on gc? these comparisons suck bad… gc doesnt have jaggies…. a real comparison is off-screen footage… u would want to look at an outside perspective cuz tats how u see it, the game FROM outside the tv not inside.

    Other than that re4 been milked on all possible platforms by now, capcom wants EVERYONE to play re4

    • Agreed, this does not do the GC justice at all and it’s a completely biased comparison. It looks to me like the GC is using composite cables and the 360 hdmi or at least component. A more fair comparison would be component cables on the GC because there is NO WAY it looks as bad as it does in this video.

  • Got it for 10 bucks off PSN last night and played up to the first battle royale in the village (didn’t have much time to play :-P) but it looked great and I was actually taken aback by how detailed all the textures were all at once and that it might actually detract from the atmosphere of the grainy and somewhat blurred ambience of the original releases…

    and yes the Wii version is still the best by far.

    Trying to use a regular controller for RE4 again felt so wrong.
    Does it support a Move control style? I’ll have to check tonight I guess…

  • Saw it was $30 on xbox live. So I go to EB to buy a 1500 live points card for $30. Go to buy it with microsoft points and it cost more than that. We even get screwed over in points conversion 🙁

    • As you’ve figured out, it’s 1600 points. If you buy the points directly from Microsoft it actually works out at about 10% cheaper than buying the game for $29.95 (ie. $26.40). Points are more expensive if bought at a store.

        • Dont worry, its fuking $29.95 here on psn, and thats high as well. Its worth it though, but i do hope Capcom releases some sort of actual retail hd collection of this and Okami HD and maybe something else like God Hand in HD?

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