Watch The Monster Hunter 4 Concept Trailer

As revealed earlier today, Monster Hunter 4 is in development for the 3DS. The game is still early, and Capcom is calling the debut trailer screened at today's Nintendo 3DS Conference a "concept clip".

Here are the trailer stills Kotaku previously posted.

Even though the game is just starting its lifecycle, Nintendo's announcement that it is destined for the 3DS could impact the PS Vita. Traditionally, the Monster Hunter portable titles are on the PlayStation platform. That's changed.


    Lots of rage.

    Why take a good game and put it on a shit console. Damn you Capcom.

    ... little guy getting chased around by dragons ... looks pretty awesome =)

    meh, would be better on the vita and even better on the ps3.

    Why the 3DS? WHY?

    And also, looks like a regurgitation of the past 3 or so handheld versions. The animations are the same, which would mean similar game play, if not the exact same, and the graphics haven't changed.

    I agree with Jphillips - churn something out on the Vita or Ps3. Maybe not the ps3, but definitely the Vita. It will immensely boost sales of the console in Japan and the USA (where the series is surprisingly popular). It will look absolutely epic.

    But I don't know about the role-play element in the clip. Whether or not the linear game-play is actual in the game, or whether it's just in the trailer, it will ruin the series. Imagine doing the same obstacle course over and over and over while farming.

    Regardless, they should have left it on Playstation. Let the kiddies have their 3DS, and the grownups the real games.

    Ok I missed this news, what the shit. Why not Vita? Why not Wii or PS3? Why would you have a main game on the 3DS, I bet it's just so they can port it to HD on the Wii U next year >:(

    We don't even have MHF3 in the West yet!

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