Welcome Home PS Vita. Your Look At The Vita's Start Screen.

When Sony first unveiled the PS Vita earlier this year in Tokyo, it showed the PS Vita's home screen, called the LiveArea. We've seen it before. Thing is, we've never seen it at this resolution.

Today, Sony provided at look at the PS Vita's LiveArea, which could be the final or near final version. Sony does not that this image could change.

The home screen features a cluster of bubbles: Welcome Park, Party, the PS Store, Group Messaging, Photos, Near, Trophies, Music, Friends and Browser.

At Sony's pre-TGS press event, it showed off Welcome Park, which featured a series of mini-games, such as turning photos into puzzles or number based tap games.

Sony also quickly showed how the Music feature and Photos will work, allowing picture viewing and music listening at the same time. Except more details as Kotaku gets more hands on time with the Vita.

Previous LiveArea images didn't show Welcome Park, Group Messaging or Photos.


    Sony does not that this image could change.

    Hmm. I think not.

    Except more details. And another!

      Yeah I "except" more effort from these people.

      I guess there's a reason they are employed by kotakUS. Instead of anywhere with at least a bare minimum level of competency.

    not really a fan. it is better than the ps3 and psp versions.

    Still terrible.
    Once it's hacked I'm expecting a tonne of themes that are 1000000000x better.
    Hope it isn't hacked for a few years though, would love to see this be a huge success.

    I still don't know why they needed to change the XMB, I still think that layout was the best user interface across all the consoles.

      I guess they want to make it very touch specific, which usually involves instantly accessible icons for your most used functions.

      However it would be interesting if they also integrated a swiping version of the XMB - so you see these buttons on the first screen, but once you swipe to the side you get the horizontal plane of the XMB, and then swipe vertically to reveal the icon you want. Could very well suck in practice though, what do I know.

        That's what I thought as well, however the XMB has move functionality which is quite intuitive and could easily be adapted for touch support without requiring to drastic a design change. As you said, Swipe horizontally to find the icon group you want, press the button, Swipe Vertically for the option you require, touch again.

        It works for the Move (without the touching of icons part, it just loads the options it lands on after a second) I can't see why it could work for touch control.

      I like the XMB, but I think size is the issue. Easier to see the icons on the XMB on a TV than on a tiny screen.

        I had no real issue with the XMB they used with the PSP, which was virtually identical to the one on the PS3.

    Those bubbles are horrendous.

    urgh, ugly as sin. Something that seriously will make me feel embarrassed if people look at the screen over my shoulder. It looks like the interface for some educational PC title for kids.

      This. It's amazingly bad.

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