We're Betting That Slavery: The Game Is An Elaborate Troll

My guess is that, 10 seconds after Microsoft and Sony are made aware that their corporate symbols are endorsing a fake slavery RTS, seen at the end of this fake trailer, this offensive piece of attention-whoring is going to be abolished from YouTube.

That, or the alleged Kentuckians allegedly making this game are stupid enough to believe an AO-rated game about anything, much less slavery, would pass certification for either the PS3 or Xbox 360. Not in the history of either console has there been one.

The outfit allegedly responsible for this also appears to be a sham. The first hit in a Google search for "Javelin Reds" gaming takes you to a page of anagrams. (A commenter on The Escapist pointed out that "Javelin Reds" is an anagram for "De Slavernij," which is Dutch for "(the) slavery.") The phone number listed at the bottom is a Louisville, Ky. area code that connects you to a redialler, which goes to a voicemail for "Javelin Reds Gaming". The URL was registered through GoDaddy. In other words, fake.

Final tip this is a troll? Wilhelm scream at 0:20.

There is an astronomically low chance this is real. Why publicise it? Well, reread the first paragraph.

Mystery and Controversy Surround Slavery: The Game [The Escapist — h/t Travakh]


    Who says it's wrong to make a game about slavery? It could portray the harsh, bitter realness of it all; show the player what it was like, make them disgust themselves for playing as this cruel protagonist.

      I think it's okay to have an educational type game about this era in history, but as you pointed out it really needs to be put in context. One of the problems with games is that they don't often deliver emotional impact for your decisions, leaving people in a "consequences free" state of mind, which would not be good for this type of subject material.

        I see your point, though games like Grand Theft Auto are also consequence free as soon as the console is shut down. The only real consequence for atrocities in games like GTA or Fallout is NPC resistance, which only serves to add difficulty to the game.

    Watch out Kotaku, I think you lost your monocle in all that huffing and outrage.

    Wow, this article has STEAM coming off it.
    The concept, fake or not, is intriguing. Play as a bad person, win the game by being a bastard. I like it.

    Wow, this article has STEAM coming off it.
    The concept, fake or not, is intriguing. Play as a bad person, win the game by being a bastard. I like it.

    Give me a release date god dammit!

    Wow, I hope this doesn't get released. Glorifying slavery is NOT something you should do.

    I'd play it.

    I like trading games. And I like freedom in games. If they made a Patrician game where you had the option to be evil, then yeah, it'd make a better game. Choose to be a slaver, or take down slaver ships as a pirate, etc etc. Freedom is awesome in video games. If it's ok to blow up civilian ships in Patrician, why not have slavery? It did exist in the period, no point sweeping it under the rug.

    But a game where you can ONLY be evil just sounds lame. And not very much fun. And also sounds like a troll.

      I mean, it's ok to be an evil dictator in Tropico 3 and 4.... And in 2 you DID have slaves...

    What the hell does using the Wilhelm scream have to do with trolling?

    If anyone watched it and didn't think it was a joke, they need to have their heads examined. What the hell? It's so obviously a dig at people who approve of 17th Century morality(The Good Old Days and all that bullshit). The Dutch are smart, unlike others who need to do some forensic investigation to discover the bleeding obvious.

    I'm going to say it might be a Amnesty International type advert? Or at least from some human rights group?

    Willhelm scream = troll? I guess that so many movies (including the Star Wars franchise) and games (including Red Dead Redemption) are also trolls? Idiots.

    No game trailers these days put text and have "epic voice" repeating the same thing. Obvious WUM is obvious.

    i'd buy it. pity the world is so damn PC that no one would actually make a game like this though.
    yet, it's ok to make a game where you KILL Germans, Russians, Japs etc. pfft. pussy ass bitches.

      There are several games where you get to kill black people. Like Far Cry 2 (don't know anything about the first one).

      The difference here is that it depicts a historical event of extreme racism, where you play the villain. A very racist villain.

      The whole thing is outrageous, even if it is a marketing ploy for something completely different.

    You could enslave and murder people in Fallout 3. Nobody gave a shit.

      Woah, woah, woah... People didn't give a shit about the enslaving in Fallout? There were MASSIVE critique to many of the aspects of the game, so the enslaving part didn't quite take focus. Also, that is completely different. There you enslaved individual npc's, not entire populations.

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