What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm a big eye-roller. At E3 this year, I'm pretty sure I spent at least half my time rolling my eyes every time I heard anyone say that they were going to "take a game to the next level", or that their sequel was going to "exceed expectations". What does any of that even mean? One of the few games that didn't make me roll my eyes was El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. So that's what I'm playing this weekend. How about you?

To be honest, I don't really know what El Shaddai is about. I'm an hour into it and it is one of the most bizarre, aesthetically wonderful, and confusing games I have played so far. But an hour is not a lot, so I'm going to press on with it to see what it has to offer.

How about you? What are you playing this weekend?


    Hopefully get some Deus Ex in tomorrow arvo while I wait for the Telstra guy to hook up my phone line. Apart from that, probably won't get much time for gaming, have to go to my girlfriend's parent's place this weekend..


    Optus here to, it is impossible to make a phone call without the following words said


    Call Failed

    The fun thing is I am paying over $120 dollars for that internet. So the NBN haters can go suck a fat **** it is desperately needed!

    I still haven't received Deus Ex from Zavvi.

    So, I'll finish Space Marine, Bastion and From Dust... and I'll keep on with Dead Island.

    I am continuing with my Legend of Zelda marathon that I started in the month of Shameless Gaming. I am currently playing Four Swords adventures, Twilight Princess and Phantom hourglass (depending on various circumstances). Just Majora's Mask, Spirit Tracks, The Oracles games and The Minish Cap to go and I will be all ready for Skyward Sword!

    This is taking a LOT longer than I initially planned...

    I'll be going through Gears 2 in while I wait for Monday nites midnite lauch of Gears 3.
    Finshed Driver:SF during the week, but still gotta a shitload of unfinished missions to tackle yet!
    Sonic Colours to feed my platforming needs & some multiplayer Black Ops:)

    Heading to a BBQ Sunday so I'll be rocking Phone Story on Android :D

    Dea Island, Space Marine, and hopefully finish off Deus Ex :)

    Hoping to polish off AC:Brotherhood to 100% synch, currently sitting at 95%.

    Likely to then smash Resistance 3 story, before moving onto Deus Ex properly.

    Got GP story on my iPhone, gonna play some dat. Also just became obsessed with Harvest Moon again so I'll spend a large chunk of this weekend tending to my virtual farm. And most importantly Minecraft 1.8. The only issue is that I keep getting the 'saving chunks' (out of memory) error and it's making things difficult. If I have time I might play some L.A. Noir.

    Hard Reset, Space Marine, Dead Island, Rock of Ages, and WoW of course. Gotta get all these finished before BF3

    Picked up call of juarez when it was 4.99 on steam, I'll finish that off. Need to finish off Mafia 2. Metro 2033 needs finishing. And I wshould probably start using my 3DS.

    Resistance 3, Space Marine and Starfox! Hopefully my copy of Catherine turns up today. I ordered it with 2 other games from ozgameshop.com and they were all despatched the same day, yet 2 have arrived and Catherine has not :(

      I ordered 2 games from ozgameshop.com and the same thing happened with one arriving two days later, so i'm sure yours will get there soon. now i've got deus ex hr and dragon age ultimate edition : )






    PS Also got the Dust demo pushed to me last night, what with the bad publicity wasn't going to bother but now well might, again a stylish game...

    Has anyone got into the Modern Warefare 3 Beta i got the email yesterday to join but havnt had a chance yet. Says its open until 31/09/2011.
    Depending on how this goes, hopefully will be playing this all weekend.

    I'll play Gears of War 2 until I have my last achievements.
    Still playing Halo: Reach.
    Make some time for Deus Ex, Space Marine, and Mortal Kombat.

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.

      Where did you get your hands on that?
      I am still addicted to MH3

    About a week ago my HD shat itself. Had to be reformatted. I now have no ongoing save files for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Deus Ex... not very happy.

    However! In attempt to be a glass-half-full kinda fella, I bought a new copy of Mass Effect 1 to finally complete my playthrough as Femshep (the dirty minx), and am about halfway through my Hard/Pascifist/no alarm playthrough of DX:HR...

    If my HD dies again, I'm... I'll...

    *runs away crying*

      I had a similar experience with a data transfer failure. It actually turned out to be quite liberating! Starting new playthroughs of old games was pretty cool.

        Agreed! ... Unless it dies again. Then I hate everything.

    God of war 2 !!

    I know I know, ancient right ? I just picked up a playstation 3 last week due to the price crash and got all 3 god of wars and am forcing myself my to play through the first 2 before I play 3.

    Oh and finishing off Unchartered 2, really keen to check out el Shaddai though !

      My weekend will also be full of our friendly neighborhood Ghost of Sparta... I started replaying the console trilogy last week actually on a whim. Then realized I forgot to beat the latest PSP game when I became consumed with Peacewalker.

      I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE and whatnot ;-)

    Dead Space 2 and Dead Island... dunno which to play first, though (they both arrived in the mail today. Darn you postman).

    Dungeon Siege 3...i know it's not the greatest game around but i enjoy these types of games plus it was cheap(go Zavvi) so that's the weekend covered.

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