What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I could probably win an award for the world's slowest gamer, but I'm totally fine with that. This isn't a competition. I can put up with being laughed at! So this weekend I'm diving back into El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, a game that I started a few weeks ago. How about you? What are you playing this week?


    Gears of War 3.

    Maybe some Starcraft. Maybe some Batman: Arkahm Asylum. Maybe some League of Legends. Definitely some Gears.

    Hopefully Gears of war 3 if it arrives in the mail today, if not I'll just have to settle for some good ol Deus Ex:HR

    I'll be comparing the FIFA 12 and PES 2012 demos and maybe play some just cause 2.

      +1 just cause 2, nothing beats tyeing bad guys to propane tanks and watching them fly around until BOOOM!! they's dead

    Trackmania 2 at a small house lan.

    I don't imagine I'll be playing anything other than Gears 3, unless of course my wife is playing Gears 3. In that case I will probably be sleeping, or building the heck out of things in Minecraft (which oddly, I haven't touched since 1.8 dropped)

    OMG what is that pic?! I want to play that!

    But no I will probably play house/job hunting. I should stop saying lame answers like that for this thread...

      It is El Shaddai!

        Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaah... yeah I guess that makes sense. Oh but it's a full price, non-xboxlive game? Sadface. I has no monies :'(

    My little brother is coming over so GoW3 co-op it is!

    Gears, Space Marine and Dead Island.
    So much gaming, so little weekend.

      Yeah, those three for me also.
      And building my chainsword...

    I'll be travelling so it's Etrian Odyssey for me.

      Oh! Oh oh oh! Strange! STRANGE! I bought the same DS XL as yours! Etrian Odyssey reminded me. I took it to France and clocked Advance Wars. So good. I <3 my DSXL ^_^

      i'll probably be clocking some more time into Broken Sword on the DS... just because it's damn addictive

    Raidou Kuzunoha vs the Soulless Army.

    I've decided to go back and finish all the RPGs I'm in the middle of before starting anything new now that I've finished Xenoblade.
    Dark Souls will clearly be an exception, though.

      I recently finished Raidou vs King Abaddon (the second one).
      I don't know if it was just me playing it during a game void, but those games? Nice amount of action-y RPG-ness to them.
      Would be keen for a third.
      Plus 1920s is pretty cool too.

    I was gonna buy Resident Evil 4 HD - but annoyed now, on the PSN title screen it said it was $23.95 ($11.98 for Playstation Plus) - I put another $20 in my PSN wallet went to buy it and on the purchase screen it was $29.95 ($14.98 for Playstation Plus) was like that most the night but they have fixed it now.

    Gears of War 3 for me too. It truly is a blockbuster experience & was worth the wait.
    Also some Driver: San Fran, Black Ops multi, Sonic Colours, & Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days:)

    Plugging away at Dragon Age and Ocarina of Time in my very rare spare moments - too many family, friend, football and financial reporting responsibilities this weekend.

    Also not can'd meating :( Ohhhh... Can...berra! I just got it! Bloody brilliant!

    Unless there's a miracle with Australia Post I won't have either Deus Ex or Gears.

    So, probably Space Marine or Dead Island.
    I've still got to finish From Dust and Bastion too.

    From Dust is pretty cool and I might get Renegades or whatever its called. slow month can't wait til Oct. Borrow BF2 to get me in the mood for then.

    Bioshock II, Space Marine and possibly some Mortal Kombat...still debating on buying Dead Island for PS3...ho hum

    I'm pretty flat out, but I reckon I'll still manage to fit in some Dead Island co-op and RE4 HD.

    Space Marine, League of Legends, Bastion. Having fun!

    Dead Island (single player)! Still in Act III! Then it's Shadows of the Damned for some campy fun.

    Working my way back through DX:HR after my hard-drive caught amnesia. On hard/pacifist/no alarms so it's pretty challenging... and having a "second runthrough" perspective is pretty cool. So many places where I didn't have to run in guns blazing, but did... like an idiot...

    Awesome game :)

    Also playing through Mass Effect 1 as Femshep. Not bad, but somewhat of a struggle compared to Deus Ex...

    Oh, and I MAY pick up RE4:HD... but 29.95 on xbox live? That's pretty steep, Microsoft... *grumble grumble*

      How is $29.95 steep? and how is it microsoft's fault? the PSN has almost the same price (except Plus has it for $15 for the month) But microsoft will discount it eventually and its a full game and cheaper then most retail games let alone the Splinter cell or PoP updated copies.

    Spacemarine multiplayer... Wish the co-op would hit already! Probably a little deus ex and more than likely a round or two of BF:BC 2 squad deathmatch. Now this may sound crazy but am I the only one who dreamed of a battlefield style warhammer40k game? Maybe someone will mod bf3 when it comes out.... Or relic will get the hint for spacemarine 2 if and when it's made...

    I might do some more achievement hunting in Just cause 2, I might even finish it while I'm at it.
    Possibly some borderlands, and not sure what the wife will want to play. Maybe some more Hamilton's great adventure.

    Gears 3 and Dead Island with the wife in my new apartment.

    I might be the last person to start Deus Ex. Exams are over and between catching up with everyone I missed during exams I hope Deus Ex will comprise the majority of my weekend.

      +1 have had DE:HR sitting aside during assignments! finally finished and gonna play it soooo much

    Minish cap- probably the best game listed in these comments.

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