What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend will be one of handheld gaming as I spend six hours on trains heading back and forth from the city of Newcastle to get closer to nature for journalism purposes. This means I will probably kidnap a koala. This also means I will finally get a chance to try out Age of Empires II for DS. How about you? What are you playing this weekend?

I'm aware that Age of Empires II for DS is not a new game, I just never got around to trying it because I was sceptical of an RTS being on the DS. I'd always played it with a mouse and keyboard, and in my mind the PC was where the franchise belonged.

So this weeked I'm going to be open-minded and finally give it a go. What are you playing this weekend?


    Deus Ex.

    If it arrives. ;__;

      I'm on the same boat... lemme guess, Ozgameshop? :(

        Yep. I've heard other people getting it all week.

        Hopefully it turns up today.

          Just got home... no Deus Ex for me this weekend ;_;

    Madden NFL 12!! Go Patriots. They're flogging the Giants at the moment!
    Sweet, where in Newcastle are you going? I live in Newcastle.

    Might try and get some more done in Super Mario Galaxy and gotta finish DXHR.

    Deus Ex (from Ozgameshop.com), Xenoblade, the witcher 2 and some good old lol. Oh and possibly the original fable. :

    Seeing as I just finished one of my uni assignments and I have a rare few days before I can start worrying about the next one,i'll be playing Demon's Souls and some DS games.

    And hopefully Street Fighter 4 if it arrives today.

      may I verse you in street fighter?

        It didn't arrive so earliest i'll get it is Monday.

        But you're welcome to fight me

        PSN: mossy2953

    I want to play deus ex but I must trek up to the city to purchase a new stereo. Yay for bankruptcy of electronics chain and subsequent auction.

    Some Starcraft 2 and maybe a little Batman: Arkham Asylum (depending on how video editing goes for the Let's Play).

    Currently playing the games available on the app store during the Labor Day sale:
    That includes Bungie's new free game "Crimson Steam Pirates":

    Probably some League of Legends tonight. We're setting up a friendly Kotaku vs Kotaku custom game so that should be good. Apart from that, probably won't get any other time to play computer games, will be mainly drinking games as it's my 21st tomorrow night! :D

      Happy Birthday!

      I will also be indulging in too many beers, my best mate just found out his girlfriend cheated on him, so it's over and he is ready to cut loose.

      The positive is I have my wingman, flight suit up!

      Happy birthday for tomorrow!

    Third Strike YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Got my stick out of the storage room last night and am ready to hit the training room.

    Thinking of replaying Heavy Rain on PS3. Might start the original Deus Ex too. (Loved the new one. Probably game of the year for me so far.) I've also got Broken Sword 2 Remastered on the iPad I might start on...

    Who wants to recommend to me which top-down shooter I should get off Steam?

    Gatling Gears, Renegade Ops or something else?

      Try Alien Swarm if you haven't already. It's good and it's free. It is pretty short though.

    Deus Ex. Maybe some Oblivion on 360. I've only got one achievment left until I've got them all and I told myself I'd get it before Skyrim came out.

    Mix between Bastion, World of warcrack and Xenoblades while moving and watching the football. CARN THE CATS!

    Deus Ex and some Trials HD.

    Finishing Deus Ex, starting another on the pile of shame. Probably Xenoblade.

    I just started Fable 3 so I think Ill make a dent in that.. other than that not sure.

    I hope I get Xenoblade today! Otherwise I'm gonna be looking to finish Ocarina of Time 3D, just completed all 6 temples.

      I got Xenoblade yesterday and already played it for a few hours. IT. IS. AMAZING.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
    Also SC2

    Busy one for me this weekend.
    I'll be playing Deus Ex:HR, Zelda Oot 3D, & Driver San Fransisco which I picked up yesterday. I had a quick go at it last night & its alot of fun!
    Im also gonna pick up Modern Warfare 2 if my local store is still selling it for $19, just for some mindless shooting.
    Also have a date tonight! Yay!

    AOE2 on DS is lame. It starts off good, but the fog of war is useless. You have roads, and you can move 4 tiles further when you travel, so if you go to move a horse unit, you can pretty much see the roads over the ENTIRE map, and figure out where your enemies base is because of how the roads loop....

    That and the combat stinks. Enemies have like 100 health, and if it drops to something like 3 health, they still live, meaning it takes 2 turns.

    Play Advance Wars DS. It's like 50,000 better.

    And it's not a RTS. Its a turn based strategy game :s

    Deus Ex and Arcana Heart 3.
    Busy weekend indeed. :)

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