What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend? Sometimes we need to put aside the video games and play The Game Of Life. No, I’m not talking about the board game. I’m talking about spending the weekend doing work.

I’ve somehow managed to rack up a whole lot of interviews that I need to go through, transcribe, and start organising into articles. Seeing that my weekend is relatively event-free (so ronery), I’m using the opportunity to catch up on work. This means El Shaddai and Xenoblade will have to wait.

But hey, just because my activities this weekend don’t involve questing and fragging and Zergs and Deus: Ex (you can’t fool me! I know you’re all playing that! For the fifth time, too, I bet!) doesn’t mean yours won’t. What are you playing this weekend?


  • Unless Space Marine magically appears on my doorstep this arvo, pleasepleasepleaseplease, I will be playing Deus Ex.
    Maybe Mass Effect to reclaim a couple of cheevos I somehow lost when I changed consoles, Grrr.

    • Age of Empires online any good? I can’t play here on campus behind the proxy, but I’m home this weekend and wondering just how important that philosophy essay really is….

      • It’s more like AoE2 than AoE3 which I like. It also mixes in RPG elements as well. It’s quite fun, fun enough for me to plunk down $25 for the premium greek civilization. Also, if your going to go premium, get the retail version from your local gamestore. It’s the same price as getting it online, but it comes with a poster and a hotkey reference sheet.

        • I feel annoyed at myself. I paid online for the preimum Egyptian civ, got bored around level 15 or something and then uninstalled it.

          The game’s got a look of good ideas behind it but the content is for the most part overpriced and the unbalanced PvP leaves a lot to be desired.

  • I can tell you… it’s not going to be Deus Ex.

    Bloody Zavvi!

    I might go buy Dead Island or Space Marine.
    Or I might finish half the games I’ve got left from ShamelessGaming.

  • Trying to finish off Catherine. Thought I’d done it the other night but then, after a cutscene of a length that would do Hideo Kojima proud, it turns out there there’s still more!

  • Driver San Fran, Deus Ex HR, & a bit of Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside story on the side:)
    Im also doing a trade in after work, not sure what I want to get yet. If my GAME store is getting the awesome looking collectors edition of Sonic Generations then im pre-ordering that!!

  • Resistance 3 if it arrives today, otherwise I’ll continue to clear up my backlog with Ac brotherhood, and maybe some disgaea 3 grinding.

    • I got my $58 copy at 11pm last night from Kmart! Particularly satisfying after my battles with stupidity at Big W. So I’ll check it out at some point over the weekend, maybe get slaughtered in multiplayer by the local zealots of the emperor.

      I also started playing Vanquish yesterday and it’s… interesting. Not sure if I like it yet. But it was starting to grow on me by the end of Act 1 so maybe I’ll stick with it.

      Then there’s Dragon Age: Origins. Making really, really slow progress. Seems to take me a week to finish each point on the map! The wizards’ tower took me ALL last weekend!

  • Probably some just cause 2 for me and might give the space marine demo a whirl

    Otherwise maybe some roboblitz with the wife, that rare element upgradium isn’t going to collect itself

    • Good luck with the end of ME2. Good fun.

      Pro tip: make sure you’ve upgraded your ship as much as possible before going through the final portal!

  • Finish dues ex, currently on the final boss. Then some more ro2 beta and i may finish batman aa. But got to knock off.deus ex before hard reset

  • I too Tracey will be playing the game of working on weekend, all weekend. To rub it in my copy of Deus Ex just arrived and it will be sitting there just tempting me to play it. My do you mock me o’lord?!?

  • If I get any time to myself this weekend I’m going to try and get some more of The Witcher in.
    I really want to get to the meaty parts instead of being forever stuck doing the intro over and over again because it’s been so long and I’ve forgotten how everything works again.

  • I am seriously addicted to Jetpack Joyride. Lots of travelling this weekend means it will get a fearful pounding. Poor little iThingy.

  • While i’m still recovering from my flu i’ll be trying to finish up Uncharted 1 and Res Evil 5 on PS3. The move controller effing rules. I find it very hard going back to aiming with a joystick anymore.
    May have to take up PC gaming.

    • Unicron, good luck if you’re after the Uncharted 1 platinum trophy (crushing is very tough) This week I’ll be playing Uncharted 2, there’s a few trophy challenges I have left to do, it’s fun to have achievements (those great pat your back moments).

      Lots of DUES EX & Dead Island going on, how do they play?

      • Agreed, I’ve about half way through the crushing playthrough for about a year now. Spend 90% of the time sitting behind cover, and the other 10% dead.

  • I haven’t played any games for over a month, due to no TV. Now we have a TV but my wife and baby have moved into that room while we paint the master bedroom.


  • Something not Xenoblade T_T

    It’s been three weeks and counting…I doubt I’ll get it today since Aus Post doesn’t seem to deliver stuff on Fridays.

    Shame, I got my Wii all set up with a brand new component cable and everything.

  • I picked up Deus Ex: Human revolution yesterday so I’ll either start on that, or try and finish The Saboteur. I mgiht be willing to let the Saboteur sit while I finish Deus Ex, but it’s on loan from a friend so I should probably wrap it up ASAP.

    I am still progressively installing games I bought on Steam during Quakecon, since there was about 30 titles in the Quakecon pack. Just last night I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the first time in about 8 years and I was actually surprised at how not-crap it looks with the settings on high. Textures are nice, even if everything else about it is rather dated.

    If I can’t tear my wife away from the Xbox (she started Deus Ex last night), I might continue with that or install Hunted: the Demon Forge and have a go at that (according to “Can I Run It?” I am midway between the minimum and recommended system requirements. Yay!)

  • I don’t think I have much longer in Dawn of War 2 Chaos Marine, so after I finish that I’m moving on to Space Marine!

    Gotta work tomorrow though 🙁

  • My copies of Deus Ex and Driver SF arrived from ozgameshop today, so I’ll be playing them! I will be returning the $110 copy of Driver I got from EB Games last week, now that I have my much more reasonably priced $62 copy 🙂

  • I’ve just picked up my first Sony console because of the recent price reduction on the Ps3 and the iminent arrival of ICO and SOTC.
    Where do i start?…the options….the options…..mindblowing!
    This weekend will probably be lost in “Unchartered” territory

    • I do not mean to be rude but it’s spelt “Uncharted”.

      Besides that there is also Little Big Planet (1 & 2), Folklore (if you can find a copy), the God of War Trilogy, and the Prince of Persia Triology.

      I’m trying to keep to the (near) exculsive titles so you get your moneys worth.

      • I spelt imminent incorrectly as well. Probably a side effect of being…mindblown.
        Thanks for the suggestions.
        I was interested in “Flower” as well, is that any good?

        • Yes to Flower. It’s the perfect wind-down game. Great to play after a stressful day at the office.

          Also have a look at the Pixeljunk series of games. Eden is trippy (and a really interesting platformer variant), and Shooter is great fun.

      • What’s with people correcting other people’s spelling in the comments and using ‘spelt’ rather than ‘spelled’. Spelt is wheat. Spelled is letters.

        • “Spelt” is a perfectly valid past tense of the verb “spell”, at least in non-American English. As a verb, it’s the past tense of “spell”, as a noun, it’s wheat.

          And if no-one corrects, no-one learns, and the language continues to die.

          • Thanks to all for the game suggestions and spelling corrections.
            We can concentrate on my poor punctuation next time.

  • Well I’ll be mainly unpacking after the move :/ and I have no internet, so LoL is out of the question 🙁 but will definitely be playing some Deus Ex!

  • As I’m still on site, it’ll be Zelda: OOT on my 3DS inbetween work/gym/food/sleep… all up about an hour a day.

    Although it may not even be that given the world cup has started weeee.

    My GF has banned me from playing Deus Ex when I’m on site… She wants to watch me play.

  • Me and the boys have got a weekend of Killing Floor planned – Friday to Sunday – booya – old skool lan … gotta live the 90s …

  • Split/second: velocity-I really love this game. I only wish the game had a progressive leveling system for its single and multiplayer like blur.

  • Hoping to pick up Dead Island later today. If I don’t for whatever reason get that, then I guess I’ll continue playing Gothic 4.

  • I figure Tracey will probably make a post on this later, but where is Space Marine cheapest atm? I saw a $60 kmart ad, but jb have it at $107 i think. Just looking to pick it up on the way home.

    i posted it in TAY but i figure here might help also

  • heard a rumour BF3 beta is out today? for the MoH owners then 11th open to the public? can anyone confirm? im guessing american time so prob 10pm NZ not sure AUS

  • Resistance 3 – played a bit last night, but wife was home so couldn’t play for too long. You know what I am talking about, guys.

  • The utter desperation to experience SSX if only vicariously has forced my hand and I’ll be spending the week at the snow.

  • Dead Island for sure!! Kinda glad it came out in Oz later than everyone else, as it has given the Developers time to fix some of the bugs in the game.

  • Deus Ex didnt come in the post(damn you zavvi) so bought dead island an will give that a go. And try to finish Bastion

  • Between cleaning, mowing and re-learning Java for an assignment due Sunday :\ I’ll be playing Deus Ex: HR (anyone else creeped out that you only lost one arm so they cut off all the rest and replaced them because of a loophole on your contract? not to mention the whole chest cavity and all the cranial enhancements 😐 )
    and possibly some more dwarf fortress. I will get that game right one day!

  • dead island co-op … something insanely gratifying about running around a tropical resort with a medieval flail bashing in skulls. I enjoy it more then anypony should

  • ill be finishing Deus ex, ploughing through another 6ish hours of mass effect 2 (still havent finished, must beat by the time 3 comes out!) along with a healthy dose of staring longingly at the diablo 3 beta login screen while constantly alt-tabbing to my email page 🙂

  • Going back to MW2 after 6 six months, I can’t belive how much I suck now, had to reduce the sight speed to adapt again.

  • I know it’s a bit late now, but that’s how i roll…
    just wanted to say a great big THANKS!!!!
    It’s unsaid (unless someone already said it) but we all really, truly appreciate the fact that you would give up your weekend, indeed any time outside of 9-5 mon-fri to dedicate time to transcribing interviews… ewww, it’s not even REAL interviews. It’s like cleaning up after your party last night, and telling your family all the fun you had while they were out….
    So even more THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

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