What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend? I only played one game during my holiday in Scotland – and that was Ocarina of Time on my 3DS, which means I’ve got a fair bit of catching up to do. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

I kinda don’t know where to start. I haven’t even played Deus Ex yet! My gut instinct is telling me to check out Gears of War 3, since I’m a huge fan of how polished, slick and plain compulsive the previous games have been. The only issue is the fact that I played through the entire first act of the game for a preview, and I’ll have to replay it again.

Then there’s FIFA 12. It’s long been a theory of mine that the even numbered FIFAs are the best – the ones with the most significant leaps forward…

But then there’s the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection. Man…

When people mentioned to me that this holiday season was going to be a humdinger, I nodded, but I didn’t really agree with them. It’s only now, as we’re on the brink of it, that I realise the scale of it. It’s going to be a big ‘un.

What are you guys playing this weekend?


  • Well, I imagine tonight the wife and I will join Trjn for some Gears 3 horde mode. Assuming we make it past wave 50, I will probably then try to play something on my pile of shame. I could go back to Read Dead Redemption, but it’s a very time consuming game and my wife gets bored watching me play it, so it’s something best enjoyed when she’s absorbed in Minecraft.

    We also have a games on demand version of Alan Wake and I’ve never played it, so I might play that.

    Also we picked up a TV mount for our Kinect which should help us make use of the limited space in our apartment (I was going to get a Nyko zoom lens for it too but apparently it’s not out till next month), so we might revisit Dance Central and/or pick up Fruit Ninja.

  • I finished Gears 3 last night. “Polished” and “slick” are highly appropriate terms. Tis a very well made game.

    Looks like this weekend I’ll be doing a fair amount of horde mode, with anyone and everyone who cares to join me.

    I’m also going to try and finish Arkham Asylum for my Let’s Play this weekend. Arkham city is coming soon so I really need to get this game out of the way so I can enjoy even more Batmania.

  • Football football Dragon Age football football football football football football Zelda 3DS football football football maybe Space Marine multiplayer football football football!

  • I’m keen to get my Horde on in Gears of War 3… but unfortunately the random matchups I’ve had lately have been absolutely atrocious. If anyone’s keen for a game over the weekend, my gamertag is the same as my username.

    Asides from that, I’ll probably play a bit of Halo Reach and try to finish inFamous 2 when I really should be trying to be productive and redesign my website.

    • Always looking for some local dedicated Horde players 😉

      I’ll send you a friend request later tonight.

      My GT is also same as my listed name.

  • I hope to complete Gears 3, then I can move onto Deus Ex. I’ll probably play some more of my ‘new game plus’ in Driver 3, just cause it’s so damn fun. And Minecraft.. there’s always Minecraft…

  • Gears of War 3. I’ve almost finished the campaign and after that it’s going to be non stop multiplayer until the weekend is up.

  • ICO, ICO and some more ICO, and when I’m finished with that (admittedly after only about 6 hours, but hey), then I’ll fire up SotC. I also bought Rochard last night and that was a bit of fun, and grabbed Mercury the other night so maybe a bit of that as well. As I need to finally finish my 10th Master League season before the new PES comes out (about 10 games to go with a squad that is fading fast 🙁 ). So maybe that as well. Being on holidays is awesome!

    • Yep, Ico for me. And if I get through that then it’s on to SotC.

      Maybe a bit of Child of Eden if I can find a copy of that somewhere at lunchtime today.

  • Finished Deus Ex in a weekend (could. not. stop. playing.) so might go for another round and try and get the pacifist, foxiest hound and hardest game mode acheivements (why did no one tell me the intro kills count as kills!)

    That and some BF3 beta on the 360.

  • I’ll definately finish ICO this weekend The i’ll make a start on SotC with some LoL Dominon mixed in between.

    Also might pick up Wars of Gear today and play it if i find some time.

  • Persona 4, Driver: San Fran and Yakuza 2.

    I’m a big Shin Megami Tensei fan but I’ve never beaten Persona 4 for some reason, but I’m in July and finally “into” it.

  • FIFA 12… on iPad… with my iPhone! loving the wireless controller feature. More games need to make use of this. It’ll be… Apple’s new “gaming console”.

    • You have the D3 beta?


      I mean, uhh… So, how’s that uhh, going for you? *twitch*

  • Gonna finish up Portal 2 co-op tonight, got two more tests in course 5. I’m playing by myself with 2 controllers and 1 tv, as I don’t like playing with strangers (or even people I know really), so I was like “f*** that, I’ll do it myself” *pause*. So far, I’ve been a blast to play with. *pause*

    Also will be playing Xenoblade. 20 something hours in at the moment, and a lot more to come.

  • Some Gears with Trjn and Co, maybe some Dead Island, perhaps finish Wind Waker.
    And Hinden better download Four Swords Anniversary before tomorrow…


    Also, I’m planning on grabbing the trophies I’m missing in Ass 2 and starting Ass:Bro.

    And playing some 360 games so shiggy won’t send me abusive messages about my low gamerscore.

  • Just finished Gears 3 (is that all Cliffy B? Gears 2 was F’n Epic, this pulled it back a bit, still a great game alot quicker and more dynamic, very refined experience), so maybe some From Dust, Dirt 3 and Mortal Kombat, also a fair few xbla games that Ive bought ages ago and havent played (Lara Croft G.O.L. Monkey Island 2,Castlevania S.O.T.N)

  • Well it’s my girlfriend’s birthday on Saturday so probably won’t get much of a chance to play games this weekend. But hopefully squeeze in some Minecraft and maybe finally finish Deus Ex!

  • Just starting to get into Mass Effect.. 3 hours in and really enjoying it so far.. I thought I wouldn’t coz didn’t enjoy Dragon Age so much. So will be getting into that this weekend.
    And probably a bit of Tactics Ogre on the PSP.

  • Gonna play through the Gears trilogy and then maybe dabble in some TF2 or Blops and if time permits I’ll finally finish Dead Space 1

  • Finish up Gears of War 3 in co-op and then smash some horde. BF3 beta will get a tickle and I might pick up something new from the pile.

    In between watching 2 footy grand finals.

  • Gonna get stuck into some Gears 3 MP, maybe go back and see if I can find enough friends for a 4 player coop playthrough on insane.

    Anyone up for Horde mode, Beast mode or Campaing coop send me a friend request, GT is Arnhell

    After that I need to finish Space Marine and Dead Island for a couple of reviews.

    • Time is always an issue for me, but I usually play later in the evening for an hour or two. I’ll send you a friend request tonight and see if we can hook up for either Insane Campaign or some Horde/Beast mode.

  • I’m picking up my Gears of War XBOX today, and another PS3 with FIFA 12. So probably going to be Forza and Gears 3, maybe some GTA etc….

  • Girlfriends birthday so out for dinner tonight.
    Defiantly some BF3 Beta tomorrow morning.
    Since I just got a MadCatz Stick, some SSFIV also (Seriously, if you own SF get a madcatz stick).

  • I’ll be doing mostly Uni assignments… but when I get bored of that (usually instantly), I might hook up the ol’ Xbox and play some Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. I’ve been itching to play it again for ages now.

    (and maybe some TF2 as well)

  • I’m still hoping the monetary portable will drop onto the android market brokerage weekend. Got to go out of town, so I’ll want something to do in my quiet times.

  • finishing off gears co-op on insane… might check out rift as its been a while… might pull my finger out and play space marine or deus ex or dead island lol

  • Shogun 2 and its dlc that came out yestetday and some fallout honest hearts, old world blues. That is unrolled dark souls come during the week 😀

  • Going over to a mate’s place for a bender – doing some MHFU, be trying to hit HR7 hopefully. There will also be APB Reloaded – been having a lot of fun with this game, but mostly because I’ve got someone to play with.

    I’ll probably neglect DXHR again this weekend, which makes me feel terrible, but I put it down after about 3 hours and am honestly having a lot of trouble picking it back up.

    Might try finish my second playthrough of Space Marine on hard too – about halfway through.

    I’ll also spend time fantasising about Dark Souls.

  • Finishing Deus Ex before Rage comes out. After all the glitchy hassels I’ve finally made it to Hengsha Part Two and… another glitch. Sigh. I’ll get through it.

    Also… gin.

  • Gears 3, with a sprinkle of SPAYCE MAUREEN!… after i pick it up that is… thanks Loops for costing me more money

  • Still working my way through the higher quests on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, as well as shooting through zombies in Dead Space 2.

    • *puts on his geezer voice* well technically sir they’re not zombies persay, but rather an alien organism (dubbed necromorphs)that invades dead tissue, reanimates and mutates then uses to create more till they reach a critical mass… ie zombies but my OCD was kicking in

  • Uni work interspersed with long stretches of cooking and laying stone blocks for my Minecraft castle. Will probably spend my weekend going back and forth, swapping when I get bored… and every now and then adding some Dead Island (hilarious game), but I know I’m not gonna get back to Deus Ex or Alice:MR this week…

    Btw, anyone know where in Minecraft you can change the world height? Supposedly it was made “easier to modify” in 1.8, but I’ve been scouring the code and not found how to do it…

    • Ah nm, found it in 1.9pre… looks fairly simple, tho radically different from the same class in 1.8. I’ll wait for 1.9. 😛

  • I might finally get around to finished Mass Effect 2 on PS3. Tonight it’s NBA2K11 and Deus Ex… and Modwar… and Shogun 2. Yes Friday night is games night.

  • Picked up a 250gigs 360 S + Kinect bundle this week so I will be getting active on Kinect Adventures & blasting away through the first Gears of Wars.

    Also Space Marines MP is on the agenda as well. 🙂

  • Finished Bulletstorm and have gotten stuck into Alan Wake. Will probably polish that off and then I’m leaning toward Shadows of the Damned to pick off my pile next, but I may decide to get around to finishing Ar Tonelico 3 or play El Shaddai instead for a change of pace.

  • Damn, I don’t know if I can play much, seem like everybody is having birthdays this weekend, those new years parties are really great to bring people to this world.

    • haha, me and a bunch of my friends were all born in mid-November… it’s odd to pretty much *know* you were made on Valentines Day 😛

  • I will likely be playing Crisis Core on my PSP, as I just started another playthrough on it. Not sure why, just felt the need to do play it again.

    Will also most definately be playing System Shock 1 as well as some Deus Ex on my laptop. SS1 is pretty addicting in a strange sort of way. I’ll go to click on System Shock 2’s icon but will slowly find my cursor cuddling up with the original.

    Either way, I have some fun games to be played in the margins of an otherwise all-too-short weekend.

  • All last night played the Battlefield 3 Beta – unlocked the defibrilator (thank frak) after about 6 or 7 rounds of hard slog and wondered where the hell the vehicles are?

  • Xenoblade, dirt 3, bf3 beta, homefront, new ace combat demo, shadow wars-3ds<-Dunno y I like it so much?!

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