What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I only played one game during my holiday in Scotland - and that was Ocarina of Time on my 3DS, which means I've got a fair bit of catching up to do. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

I kinda don't know where to start. I haven't even played Deus Ex yet! My gut instinct is telling me to check out Gears of War 3, since I'm a huge fan of how polished, slick and plain compulsive the previous games have been. The only issue is the fact that I played through the entire first act of the game for a preview, and I'll have to replay it again.

Then there's FIFA 12. It's long been a theory of mine that the even numbered FIFAs are the best - the ones with the most significant leaps forward...

But then there's the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection. Man...

When people mentioned to me that this holiday season was going to be a humdinger, I nodded, but I didn't really agree with them. It's only now, as we're on the brink of it, that I realise the scale of it. It's going to be a big 'un.

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Just bought Vanquish and Prototype. So i'll get stuck into those.

    Like half the people here im going to have a stab at the BF 3 Beta.

    GARRUS!!!!!!!!!!! <3

      Sorry to break this to you Harli but Garrus is finishing some configurations this weekend

    Well, I imagine tonight the wife and I will join Trjn for some Gears 3 horde mode. Assuming we make it past wave 50, I will probably then try to play something on my pile of shame. I could go back to Read Dead Redemption, but it's a very time consuming game and my wife gets bored watching me play it, so it's something best enjoyed when she's absorbed in Minecraft.

    We also have a games on demand version of Alan Wake and I've never played it, so I might play that.

    Also we picked up a TV mount for our Kinect which should help us make use of the limited space in our apartment (I was going to get a Nyko zoom lens for it too but apparently it's not out till next month), so we might revisit Dance Central and/or pick up Fruit Ninja.

      If we make it past wave 50, I think it's safe to say that another map will be attempted.

      Horde mode doesn't stop just because we reached the end!

      There's also Beast mode, which needs to be thoroughly investigated.

    I'll be playing the Mercury Hg demo on PSN and maybe play some FEAR 2 and Tron Evolution.

    I finished Gears 3 last night. "Polished" and "slick" are highly appropriate terms. Tis a very well made game.

    Looks like this weekend I'll be doing a fair amount of horde mode, with anyone and everyone who cares to join me.

    I'm also going to try and finish Arkham Asylum for my Let's Play this weekend. Arkham city is coming soon so I really need to get this game out of the way so I can enjoy even more Batmania.

    Football football Dragon Age football football football football football football Zelda 3DS football football football maybe Space Marine multiplayer football football football!

    I'm keen to get my Horde on in Gears of War 3... but unfortunately the random matchups I've had lately have been absolutely atrocious. If anyone's keen for a game over the weekend, my gamertag is the same as my username.

    Asides from that, I'll probably play a bit of Halo Reach and try to finish inFamous 2 when I really should be trying to be productive and redesign my website.

      Always looking for some local dedicated Horde players ;-)

      I'll send you a friend request later tonight.

      My GT is also same as my listed name.

    I hope to complete Gears 3, then I can move onto Deus Ex. I'll probably play some more of my 'new game plus' in Driver 3, just cause it's so damn fun. And Minecraft.. there's always Minecraft...

    Gears of War 3. I've almost finished the campaign and after that it's going to be non stop multiplayer until the weekend is up.

    ICO, ICO and some more ICO, and when I'm finished with that (admittedly after only about 6 hours, but hey), then I'll fire up SotC. I also bought Rochard last night and that was a bit of fun, and grabbed Mercury the other night so maybe a bit of that as well. As I need to finally finish my 10th Master League season before the new PES comes out (about 10 games to go with a squad that is fading fast :( ). So maybe that as well. Being on holidays is awesome!

      Yep, Ico for me. And if I get through that then it's on to SotC.

      Maybe a bit of Child of Eden if I can find a copy of that somewhere at lunchtime today.

    Playing Sony classics Ico & SOTC HD for the first time and maybe Demon Souls for contrast.

    Finished Deus Ex in a weekend (could. not. stop. playing.) so might go for another round and try and get the pacifist, foxiest hound and hardest game mode acheivements (why did no one tell me the intro kills count as kills!)

    That and some BF3 beta on the 360.

    I'll definately finish ICO this weekend The i'll make a start on SotC with some LoL Dominon mixed in between.

    Also might pick up Wars of Gear today and play it if i find some time.

      Also I might actually open my copy of PS3 Dead Island and give it a go

    Persona 4, Driver: San Fran and Yakuza 2.

    I'm a big Shin Megami Tensei fan but I've never beaten Persona 4 for some reason, but I'm in July and finally "into" it.

    Probably start another run through of Witcher 2 after the 2.0 update.

    FIFA 12... on iPad... with my iPhone! loving the wireless controller feature. More games need to make use of this. It'll be... Apple's new "gaming console".

    Finishing Bioshock on Survivor mode, then tucking into God of War Origins Collection.

    Diablo 3 Beta
    Battlefield 3 Beta
    LOL: Dominion
    Times are great!

      You have the D3 beta?


      I mean, uhh... So, how's that uhh, going for you? *twitch*

    Battlefield 3 Beta =D

    And the waiting game for Diablo 3 and Dota 2 beta invites.

    Gonna finish up Portal 2 co-op tonight, got two more tests in course 5. I'm playing by myself with 2 controllers and 1 tv, as I don't like playing with strangers (or even people I know really), so I was like "f*** that, I'll do it myself" *pause*. So far, I've been a blast to play with. *pause*

    Also will be playing Xenoblade. 20 something hours in at the moment, and a lot more to come.

    Some Gears with Trjn and Co, maybe some Dead Island, perhaps finish Wind Waker.
    And Hinden better download Four Swords Anniversary before tomorrow...


    Also, I'm planning on grabbing the trophies I'm missing in Ass 2 and starting Ass:Bro.

    And playing some 360 games so shiggy won't send me abusive messages about my low gamerscore.

      It gets you hooked doesn't it?


        And I feel your pain! A creeper blew up my dirt house. :(

      Hahaha - Ass:Bro

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