What Games Did Nintendo Show Today?

At the 3DS Conference, Nintendo showed 28 games. Some of them were Nintendo titles. Some of them were not.

Sister site Kotaku Japan compiled a list of the titles, along with their Japanese release dates:

Nintendo Titles

Super Mario 3D Land Nov. 3

Mario Kart 7 Dec. 1

Mario Tennis 2012

Paper Mario 2012

Luigi's Mansion 2 2012

Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics* Spring 2012

Animal Crossing 2012

Tomodatch Collection TBA

Gal's Mode 2012

Calciobit 2012

Culdcept 2012

Tsuiteru Techou TBA

Fire Emblem Spring 2012

Kid Icarus: Uprising Jan. to March 2012

*Sega is developing the title. Nintendo is publishing it in Japan.

Third Party

Dynasty Warriors VS 2012

Bravery Default 2012

SD Gundam G Generation 3D Dec. 22

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai March 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations Early 2012

Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble This Winter

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition This Winter

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy This Winter

Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: The Great Pirate Ship and the Tails Brigade Nov. 2

Girl's RPG: Cindere Life 2011

New Love Plus Dec. 8

Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater This Winter

Monster Hunter 3G December 10

Monster Hunter 4 TBA

全部で28タイトル! [Kotaku Japan]

(Top photo: Game Impress Watch)


    Love to get some AUS release dates on Super Mario 3D and Mario Kart 7. Crossing my fingers for this year but guessing unlikely.

    No Golden Sun.

    Dammit, I want more Golden Sun.

      I know, huh?
      Dark Dawn's Ending left much to be desired.
      We NEED another one.

    Are they coming out on all Nintendo consoles?

    Pick up your game US kotaku.
    You have been in very poor form lately.

      Can't see anything wrong with how its written personally. The opening line was "At the 3DS Conference, Nintendo showed 28 games", so it's pretty safe to assume they're all 3DS titles.

      Stop with the USA Kotaku is shit bullshit, it was originally just at competitive nudge at the yanks and some of you have taken it out of all preportion into just mindless hate/flames - get over it!

        Although in this instance the hate talk was in the wrong, most of it is very well deserved.

    28 games shown, less than 10 worth buying. Still not sold on your headache inducing console Nintendo

    Hell yeah new Love Plus, not holding my breath for an overseas release date though.

    Looks pretty strong to me tbh. Fire emblem makes me happy.

    I see about 10 titles I would purchase so hopefully international releases are go!

    How about some Advance Wars + Golden Sun.

    None of those 3rd party titles interest me. And most (all?) are from Japanese devs. I thought the whole turnaround for Nintendo was to support 3rd party devs?


    Welp, that's it. I'm trading in my 3DS for the PS Vita. I bought it like a week before they announced the price drop and I've regretted it ever since. Curse my need to play Zelda: OoT!

    No new Ace Attorney game?!?! (not professor layton meets phoenix wright)

    Don't get me wrong the list is pretty solid but c'mon capcom a new ace attorney game would be totally awesome!!! :D

    Oh joy..

    a Hatsune Miku game for a Ninty system!
    Oh wait... region locking.

    Thanks a lot for nothing Ninty =_=

    I still dont see a F-Zero X port :( i cant think of a better game that can use the useless 3D feature better. but i also want to play it while im riding buses aswell as on my N64.

    can we start betting which games will actually be released?

    2 monster hunter games woo. Not sure if I will get mgs3 if I probably get the hd pack on ps3

    Looking forward to Snake Eater and Fire Emblem, although I'm still waiting for a Fire Emblem 4 remake.

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