What Is eSports? Let Team FNATIC Tell You

I've been fascinated with eSports for most of the nearly seven years I've been writing for Kotaku.

I've interviewed famous pro-gamers, even played against a few of them... and lost terribly. I went to the first ever pro-gaming draft at the Playboy Mansion. I even pitched and wrote up a big package for the Rocky Mountain News about pro-gaming and Dish Network's attempt to turn it into the next NFL or perhaps NHL. That didn't pan out. In fact, none of those big corporate moves to make pro-gaming a household sport, ever seemed to work out.

Despite all of these years of coverage, I'm still personally baffled at the popularity of pro-gaming. Maybe it's because I don't watch sports either, I find them incredibly dull. In both cases, I'd rather be doing than watching.

But here is a take on eSports that reminds me why, despite my personal disinterest, I continue to be drawn to coverage of the fight to make eSports mainstream. Just look at those crowds, at that passion. It's the same thing you see at Gamescom every year. And it's amazing.

What does eSports mean to you?


    Maybe they could have live stream of a tounament though something similar to the PSN. You can watch the pros play, but you also get a chance at a competitive position your self. This would eventualy be moved to more main stream media. Eventualy the internet will become something commonly available instantly through a tv. This could work with the live tounament, where all the processing power for gaming was done in something like that cloud server or what ever its name was. Since the death of PC gaming is sadly becoming a reality, either through console, or possibly a paytv (but with games) type scheme, would be the only way that video gaming could become something mainstream like what you invision. Just a thought.

      PC gaming is not dying. If you look at he biggest eSports games you will notice that the top 5 are all pc exclusives. Titles like Starcraft, CSS, CS 1.6, DotA and to a lesser extent LoL are some if the biggest esports games and all are Pc exclusives

    @ John:
    There are multiple professional gaming stream found across the internet. You just have to know where to look. Team liquid has many starcraft streams, justin tv is also used for many games. Some larger tournaments, mainly the World Cyber Games, have their own streams for the entire tournament, from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony. Mainstream game broadcasts are already a reality in Korea, which has two dedicated channels to starcraft.

    It wasn't Dish, it was Direct TV, read the article you linked lol

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