When Plants Vs Zombies Meets The NHL, Horrible Tattoos Happen

When Plants Vs Zombies Meets The NHL, Horrible Tattoos Happen

42-year-old hockey fan Mike Schaaf was in the market for some more permanent body art to demonstrate his passion for the pastime, but wasn’t sure which artistic direction to go in. Then he saw someone playing Plants Vs Zombies.

Some art is carefully planned over a period of years, painted over and over against in its creator’s head before finally committed to canvas. Sometimes art is a knee-jerk response to a situation or emotion, capturing a moment in time for the artist to understand and future aficionados to puzzle over.

Sometimes a guy behind the counter at a tattoo parlour is playing Plants Vs Zombies.

That’s how Schaaf came up with this lovely piece of work, combining his love of hockey with his love of video games and zombies (he works at a production company that makes zombie movies). Because of that fateful encounter, he’s since had undead depictions of hockey greats Steve Yzerman, Stan Mikita, Tim Horton, Maurice Richard, Brian Leetch, and Gary Cheevers stabbed into the flesh of his arm several thousand times.

Oh look, zombie Tim Horton even has a little doughnut in his rotting hand. Now that’s classy.

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