While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping - your early morning round up of all the stories that broke 'While You Were Sleeping'.

Sadly this morning, as a cruel victim of some epic jetlag, I was not sleeping while you were sleeping. I was completely awake, trying to count sheep, count breaths, count bloody anything that would help me fall asleep - to no avail.

So I've been awake since bloody 4.30am - thankfully this has given me the time to go through the best stories coming in overnight!

It seems as though it's about ready for Zelda hype train to leave the station (choo choo! ... I don't know why I just wrote that) hence the increase of Zelda stories appearing on the site. The most recent is this - informing us of the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is now available on the 3DS. Also - this is the essence of Zelda in just eight frames.

You may have heard about a little thing called the Kindle - now it comes in Tablet form via the Kindle Fire! Looks like it's only shipping to the US for now, but apparently it does games and stuff. So I can totally justify writing about it on Kotaku!

The Battlefield 3 beta is underway, and this is why Sony is launching the Vita a little later than we expected.

In Short Four Swords Anniversary Edition Now Celebrating Zelda's 25th On A DS Near You The Essence Of Zelda In Just Eight Frames Laggy Visit To Battlefield 3's Massive Caspian Border Amazon Unveils US$199 Kindle Fire Tablet Why Sony Is Launching The Vita Later


    Are you competing with Tracey for the cutest picture?
    If so, I approve.

      I agree with this wholeheartedly.

        The pink blanket counteracts the cuteness of the puppy.

        Tracey 1 - Mark 0.

          But it's Kotaku style colours. Not to mention that it's hearkening back to the days of ponies, which are imba.

          Mark 2 - Tracey 1.

            Kotaku Pink is a manly pink. That pink is a eyebleeding pink. I deduct points from you for not realising this.

            Tracey 1
            Mark 0
            Blaghmang -1

              All Pink is manly, you lose points for not understanding this.

              Mark 2
              Tracey 1
              Blaghmanger -1
              NotoriousR -1


                DAMMIT! I shouldn't try and argue with people when tired. Fine. We'll leave it how it is then. Blaghmen.

                  Never, I'm going to keep arguing with myself!



                  Well Blaghs, it looks like you're an idiot.

                  Quiet you.

                  I like puke-y-neon green.
                  Mark 2
                  Tracey 1
                  Blaghmanger -1
                  NotoriousR -1
                  Lambomann007 -3x10^42

    Did you try counting sleeping tablets?

      I did that once when I was young.
      Then I lost count.
      Now my brother sleeps in the ground.

    I wonder who will play the all powerful Surprise Kitty card first. Hmmm.

    Bender's back baby! Please insert liquor... um... Pepsi Max!

    I'm glad that puppies are being used more than kittens now.
    Puppies > kittens.

    Hey Mark, Welcome back.

    How do i sent you an email? Would love to ask for a small request to do with the site.


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