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Welcome to While You Were Sleeping - your early morning round up of all the stories that broke 'While You Were Sleeping'.

It's still all about Zelda for us (read: me) and we have two awesome pieces on what will probably be the last genuinely relevant Nintendo Wii game. My favourite is this - a two hour hands on with the game from the dreamy Kirk Hamilton. Apparently the game is bit dreamy too. Makes sense. Check out these new screenshots while you're at it.

You might have heard that Minecraft's Notch and Bethesda are going at it in a Perry Mason style courtroom adventure. No - this is not an Ace Attorney inspired game about bricks. This is real life!

Oh - and a new Syndicate has been announced! And Assassin's Creed Revelations on the PC has been delayed.

In Short Assassin's Creed Revelations Delayed To November For PC Fall In Love With Zelda All Over Again With These Skyward Sword Screens The First Two Hours Of The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Notch vs Bethesda: The Court Papers Syndicate's New Trailer Is Amazing


    ...That is the most un-cute dog I have seen this morning.

    It almost looks like it's doing that Who's awesome, You're awesome pic.

    But not quite pretty enough.

    Isn't that the species of dog that keeps winning the World's Ugliest Dog competitions? Mexican hairless something-or-other?

    Yeah, the new syndicate game was announced while you were on holiday, Mark, everyone has already had a whinge (including me) about the fact it has gone FPS instead of squad tactical and there's still no sign of a persuadotron.

    Next time post a photo of stimpy too.

    My eyes! What happened to the cute fluffy pink sheet wrapped puppy from yesterday! :( i have lost all faith in the while you were sleeping articles.

    Ahaha I truly laughed out loud at that pic.

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