Why Star Fox 64 3D Didn’t Have Online

Why Star Fox 64 3D Didn’t Have Online

The Nintendo 3DS does online pretty damn well. All the experiences I’ve enjoyed so far have been the best online Nintendo experiences I’ve ever had. One game I won’t be able to put through the online paces is Star Fox 64 3D, a 3DS Star Fox 64 remake.

Nintendo’s Yusuke Amano, who coordinated the project between Nintendo and Q-Games, said that he plays many online first-person shooters. “This leads me to think that just making multiplayer parts of existing games playable online isn’t enough to create a satisfying experience for users,” Amano told the Official Nintendo Magazine. “The popular online games work in lots of things, so they play well online — and if we wanted to satisfy everyone who bought the game, the costs required for including online support would be vast.”

As the Official Nintendo Magazine pointed out, the issue wasn’t only cost. It was time.

“For this project what we needed to do was use Star Fox to provide users with a game that shows the appeal of Nintendo 3DS as quickly as possible,” said Amano. “We put a lot of effort into the graphics, and if we had included online support then we couldn’t have reached this level in the time allowed.”

Better to do something right than half-ass it. I’d rather have Q-Games and Nintendo focus on what they can deliver in time than what they cannot.

Besides, the game does have local multiplayer with new features. Take heart in that.

Nintendo: Why Star Fox 64 3D isn’t online [ONM]

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    • And which console doesnt?
      Even the upcoming PSVita is giving the 3DS a run for its money with ports & such! No console is immune

      • That’s true what you say about the Vita. But Nintendo are notorious for re-releasing their games. Almost every recent handheld released by Nintendo comes with a crappy remake. While their games are iconically good It’s done nothing for their reputation for original content that doesn’t involve a star, sword or gorilla.

        • Nintendo are the ONLY company that make consoles AND AAA title games ENTIRELY on their own.

          Their reputation suffers none from complaints like yours.

          • Are you taking the piss? All the console manufacturers own first party studios that work on high budget/well reviewed games.

            The main difference seems to be that Nintendo has not been as successful at attracting third party developers, so the lists of top games for their consoles invariably contain a lot of first party titles.

        • The pricing on their “remakes” are ridiculous by charging it as a new full price game.

          They claim it is almost the same as building a new game from the ground up. I find that hard to believe when most of the games core gameplay code has been complete and they just need to polish up graphics and fine tune.

          • You think it’s just as simple as touching up the graphics and such? It was originally made on another system and I’m pretty sure 3DS doesn’t work exactly the same as N64, there’s probably big parts of the code they have to change to work on the new hardware. Obviously not AS much work as building a new game but still…
            Also, a star, sword and gorrila is more variety that guns, guns and more guns.

  • Nothing is forgiven. For a “title we tried to get out quickly”, it certainly wasn’t a launch title, and local multiplayer is pathetic, no-one does that anymore. Plus, it’s region locked, so you can’t do it with anyone.

    The lack of online put me off getting this game.

    Oh, and how is nintendo 3DS’s online “the best ever” when like the only game that does it is Street Fighter (where everyone spams Guile, who actually has an UNCOUNTERABLE COMBO if you play as several characters on lite mode), or Dead Or Alive, which has pathetic online with no matchmaking?

  • I bought the game. Played if for a few hours, than brought it back as there was nothing else to do. If it had online, and a few mates bought it, I could have seen myself keeping it. It was a high quality title, but there wasn’t enough in it to keep me playing for the foreseeable future.

  • online doesn’t matter if you cant play people from your own country anyway.
    Peer to peer fails for gaming (if there is no local search filter) in a low population country like Australia, nearly all games will link you to someone in the US and your latency will be horrible.

    what’s worse is that for a fighting game it make it completely unplayable.

    on a more personal note, I don’t like playing “random person 4123” on the internet, I prefer playing “computer easy/med/hard/impossible”.
    If my real friends are playing however I prefer to play with them.
    so for me ‘real friends’>computer>>>’random internet person’.

    • Yeah, I have to agree. Having lived in a higher-density area in the US makes a huge difference in the appeal of multiplayer.

      Playing online in Aus strictly with randoms, there’s hardly even enough folks playing most games to make it worth playing.

      Multiplayer was great to me, but it hasn’t changed since Doom or Warcraft 2. Devs can’t just make deathmatch and keep me happy, because inevitably an older game like Unreal Tournament will have done better anyway.

      Hell, the only initial appeal to me for StarCraft 2 was that it was nigh impossible to find a SC game on an unhacked map on Bnet servers, anymore. Kotickvision cut that to ribbons with their NO LAN/NO LOCAL SERVERS shizz pretty fast, though.

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