Will There Be A Limit To Vita Downloads Over 3G?

The PS Vita is getting an array of memory card sizes. They range from a 4GB Memory Card (¥2,200 or US$29) to 32GB Memory Card (¥9,500 or $US124).

With that in mind, will Sony be restricting download size? Initially, yes. According to Sony, 3G downloads will be restricted to 20MB a pop, but that could change in the future — like so many things do.

The PS Vita goes on sale Dec. 17 in Japan.


    What's 20MB going to get you? :S

      A really really small update.

    I'll be getting myself a Wi-Fi only Vita with 32GB card.

      I will probably do the same... though I am kinda of pissed with the price of the memory cards... with less than 70 bucks i could buy a 32 gb micro sd card class 10....

      I hope someone manages to make a micro sd to vita card adaptor... >_>

        This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

          Will you change your name please?

            wow.... first thing I saw the "comment has been reported" stuff, then I looked at the name :( THANKS MAN!!!!! was really looking forward to playing some GOW3, ffs this sucks

          Is that a spoiler for Gears of War 3? A game I'm really anticipating playing once I've finished my assignments for uni? If it is, fuck you, you asshole.

          Now with two editors for the week and a weekend editor can we get these comments removed for anyone who hasn't opened this page?


          Well we can all be happy knowing that I emailed Kotaku about this guy earlier and that in the meantime Kotaku staff have been posting on this site but not done anything oh and I reported him several days ago.

          Thanks guys...

          Seriously? Get a life. What so low-lifes get out of ruining games for people that they don't know, and likely never will.

          Glad I'm not you, because you're an unpleasant person.

        Great. Been waiting for a mate in the army to get back to play GoW3 since we played 1 and 2 together. Thanks.

          Don't worry you'll still enjoy it. By the time he gets back you'll have forgotten all about it anyway. Just think positive.

    Sorry, already screenshotted and linked to all 400 of my facebook friends

    20MB. Sounds like it'll only be used for app's then.

    Go to andriasang guys they did a full article on this. The 20mb limit isn't ment to effect store purcheses so one would presume that means updates too.

    My guess is that the 20mb limits for downloads off of the net. Not Sony servers.

    Also this was anounced in Japan so we still have no idea what plans for the west are.

    Too bad they didn't go for MicroSD like the rest of the galaxy.

    Sucks, just like apples limitations. Some of us in the world actually have a decent download limit and decent speeds, who would have thought that would be Aus?

    Anyway ill just tether my iphones 3G (got 12GB to use)

    It's good to know that the prices will no doubt be less in the US than Japan as usual.

    Are these sony memory sticks or something new?I hope their not a another new format, at least sandisk and the like make memory sticks.Making a new format would be a real dick move.One of the things I liked about sony on the ps3 were thing like built in wireless,rechargeable batteries, audio optical out,standard hard drives free online, unlike xbox where all those things are "optional" add-ons.

      It looks like the Memory Stick M2 just slightly different, who knows.

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