Would You Camp Outside For 8 Days To Get Gears Of War 3?

David Tyson, 19, is sitting outside of the Best Buy Theater in Times Square for next week's Gears of War 3 launch party. If David had showed up today I would say that it is a little excessive, but it turns out he has been there since Sunday night.

That's right, he has been camping the launch party for four days already and will be there for another four days.

I can almost see this when it comes to a new console, Gears of War 3 is a game though, not something that's going to end up being in short supply. At first I thought this may have been a stunt by Microsoft or Epic Games, but David says he's really doing this for himself. He did say he has been planning this for a while with his partner to help build buzz for their own sort of event, which will be announced after the launch party itself.

What really makes this even more epic is how he levelled up his party. As of this morning at 1am, four guys from the Bronx joined David after seeing his blog online. Only five more days to go fellas.


    He should try ordering games from OzGameShop or Zavvi...

      Camp out at customs and get it two weeks later?

    "Would You Camp Outside For 8 Days To Get Gears Of War 3?"

    LOL.. HELL NO.

    I wont be buying it at all!

    Such terrible, brainless games... Does Not Compute

    Dude's crazy lol. Really wanted to go to the launch in my state, but its bloody miles away from me... no way i'd be rocking up 8days beforehand though

    Why the he'll would you do this when you could just place a preorder?

    I wonder if this would be newsworthy if he was camping for an apple product release?

    Why the hell would you do this when you could just place a preorder?

    This is just silly of him.

    The problem with queueing up for midnight launches so early is that you gain absolutely nothing out of it. You're just wasting your time and ignoring that there are often many other places where you can pretty much just walk in and buy it.

    Hell, they broke street date in America, dude should just go to Walmart.

      I think (and I say this not having read his blog or anything) that its more for the launch event then anything, as they are giving out stuff for the first x amount of people.

      Still... 8 days early is a bit over the top lol

    Can't wait till he gets this home, plays for 20 minutes and suddenly feels a tightening in his chest, a sweat on his brow and the absolute undeniable realisation that he has wasted so much time and money on something so bland.

    why camp out for gow 3 where u can camp out for better games like skyrim of dark souls hell yeah

    Go watch the Gamespot review. I don't have a 360, but it looks pretty good. There's nothing wrong with a good shooter, brainless or not.

    How do these people go about going to the bathroom? :/

    How do these people go about going to the bathroom? :/

      Easy. Hes the only one lining up. Its not like hes going to lose his spot.

    So he thinks hes going to be first?
    Us Australians will buy it and play it well before his store opens.

      And the pirates have already been playing it for over a week!

    People who hate on Gears either don't own an xbox or are too "brainless" to understand how to play the game.

    And that, good sir, is commitment.

    funny when he gets home and realizes some dudes broke and stole his xbox while he was sitting at the shop for 8 days :)

    Looking forward to GOW3 but I'll wait for it to be delivered to my office and for my 3 co-op buddies to jump on before I crack it out. So it may be the weekend before I get some serious time on it.

    Ummm. I'm not sure if I want to mention this. Especially considering it's related to one of the voice actors...

    Pre-order. Nice long sleep. Arrive at store, and pick your game up in a relaxed fashion while 10 other people are fighting over the last copy! Or even better buy at ozgameshop and stalk your postie, lotsa of fun yeeeeahhhh

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