Would You Pay More Than $US400 For A Link Statue?

High-end collectible creator First 4 Figures continues its love affair with Zelda fans' money with its most expensive statue yet, the Twilight Princess Link on Epona statue.

Standing 17 inches tall and cast in high-quality poly-stone, this hand-painted, hand-finished piece truly captures the spirit of the hero of Hyrule and his best lady, Epona. The standard version of the statue, limited to 1500 pieces worldwide, will set a Zelda lover back $US424.99, but wait, there's more!

First 4 Figures is also releasing an even more limited exclusive edition of the statue to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. It's essentially the same statue sporting a faux bronze finish, making Link look like a member of Wetworks. This version is limited to 500 pieces, and runs $US449.99.

Both are available for preorder right now, but they don't ship until the second quarter of next year, so you have plenty of time to come up with a story justifying the extravagant purchase to your loved ones.

Link and Epona Regular Edition Preorder [First 4 Figures]

Link and Epona Exclusive Edition Preorder [First 4 Figures]


    Nice work on the figure. Faux bronze version is hidious however...

    Pretty epic statue - but i wouldn't pay that much for it.. and also, i agree COMPLETELY with the good MrBS - the faux bronze one is HORRIBLE!

    The bronzed one looks terrible but the regular one considering the detail and it's size and being handpainted is definitely worth a bit but not $424.99 when there's 1500 being made. Lower that number to 500 and yeah closer to being worth the price...

    WTF??? I just got the Dark Link in the mail yesterday. I think I will have to give this one a miss, the price is just too high.


    Me wants :(

    But agree with everyone... The bronze is horrible :?

    I really wonder what people are thinking when they make changes like that and call it "limited"

    I'd consider upto $200 for something like that, not that I ncessarily have $200 to blow on a figurine at the moment.


    I think the bronze Epona isn't so bad, but the bronze Link sitting on top is hideous.

    I think a completely gold statue would have been better then faux bronze...

    The bronze one probably wouldn't be so bad if the face were painted instead of just left like that.

    But yeah, horrible. I hate F4F.

    Ordered mine... the Standard for the same reasons as others have stated about the Exclusive.
    That said, F4F have said they're looking at redoing the face (probably just painting the eyes black) on the Exclusive due to feedback.

    FWIW, $80(USD) shipping to Aus. (There's also a discount coupon in their newsletter... $25 off).

    So about $500 all up? Yikes!

      That was meant as a reply to Tyris :S

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