WWE Great Shawn Michaels Justifies His Love Of Hunting

In the middle of New York City, in the back of one crazy truck, pro wrestling icon Shawn Michaels promised me he could show me the newest Cabela's hunting video games in one take. He did and even fielded my questions about why he hunts with grace, all in a single video you can see here.

Many Americans hunt, but others are appalled by it. I left it to Michaels, at 10:45 of this video, to explain why he likes hunting. He says it balances a career spent in front of crowds; it gets him to nature; sure, he likes shooting guns; and that his family lives 95% off of wild game.

If hunting isn't your thing, then maybe crazy trucks are. We start the video with a tour of the Cabela's truck that has a crashed plane inside it. Pretty cool.

The games in the video are the third-person shooter Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai and Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012, both of which will be out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii this fall. Shawn Michaels' hunting show, MacMillan River Adventures, airs on the Outdoor Channel.


    My problem with hunting is that it's almost never carried out in a natural fashion. If you're performing the role of a predatory and weeding out the old and the lame animals so the young and healthy animals don't starve, that's fine, you're doing what our ancestors did.

    But if you're out there shooting huge bucks in the prime of their life because they make great trophies, there's no much arguement there as far as 'its the way if nature' or 'you don't understand where food comes from'. Because that's not natural, that's a self esteem complex.

    Unfortunately I haven't seen a Cabela's Maintaing a Natural Balance by Weeding out the Sick game.

      I understand what you're saying, but I don't think that's totally true...

      I can't imagine an early man stalking through the woods with his bow and arrow (or sling or what-have-you) at the ready who sees a perfect shot at a large buck would stop and think "hmm... he's much too young and healthy and full of meat to kill for my family and/or tribe... I'll just wait and see if something smaller and weaker and skinnier comes along..."


      know what I mean?

      But yes, unfortunately there are many modern hunters that *aren't* like this guy and they're just in it for a case of beer and a dead thing to stuff and mount. Probably most of them are like that at this point.

    HBK has justified his hunting many times already. He feeds his family on his hunting and also supplies food to the homeless shelters. There's nothing wrong with hunting to eat, only when it's hunting to feed your own God Complex.

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