Xbox LIVE Arcade Price Drop Is Very Tempting Indeed

It looks as though there have been some rather spiffing price drops on XBLA, on some of the best games available, and I have to say - some of these are pretty tempting. To the credit card it goes!

The price drops are as follows...

• Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter –- 400 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Outland – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points) • Yar's Revenge – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points) • Islands of Wafku – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points) • Trouble Witches Neo – 400/$5 (down from 800 MS Points) • Bionic Commando: Rearmed – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points) • Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 – 600 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Trials HD – 600 MS Points(down from 1200 MS Points) • Shank – 600 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Monday Night Combat – 600 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Moon Diver - 600 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Section 8 Prejudice – 800 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Might & Magic Clash of Heroes – 800 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points) • Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale – 800 MS Points (down from 1200 MS Points) • Blade Kitten – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points) • The Maw – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points) • Star Raiders – 400 MS Points (down from 800 MS Points)

Because I love you all, I've bolded the ones I think are the best - but there are some pretty good deals on there...

If you don't have Trials HD you must get it now!

Thanks to the almighty Chuloopa for this tip.


    I played half an hour of Gears of War 2 with FatShady last night (cheers, btw) and I his enthusiasm for the game makes me very, very tempted to buy Trials.

    Moral of the story: play more games with FatShady

    Awww no Street Fighter 3. I had my hopes too high...

    I bought Trials HD, Shadow Complex and Splosion Man from the previous sale. Haven't started on any of them yet... :/

      Hmm so this isn't a sale, but a permanent price drop? If so, awesome! Might pick up Outland, that game looks pretty.

      Nice! Now I can populate my new Xbox with heaps of cheap games!

      Aside from Trials, what exclusives are worth getting?

        I didn't mean this to be a reply!

        God damn it!

    I think Section 8 is well worth it. Stating why will make me sound like a broken record.

      let me guess - local search option?

        Nope, there's no matchmaking silly :P

          oh my mistake - lol
          pity finding a game in either versions of section 8 on 360 is a foolhardy excercise

            I never played the first Section 8 (most likely dead by now), but I never had trouble finding one for Prejudice. Even if there's no Australian servers online you can request some to open up. Since the game comes with bots you can play games with yourself until other players join in. Although, your stats won't be recorded until a minimum of 4 players are in the match.

              You couldn't even find a game in the LAUNCH week of Section 8 - thats how barren it was

                That's funny, because I remember playing a few games of the demo for Section 8 before it was released.

            I know it has absolutely nothing to do with this, but I'd love to see you some of you guys on Monday Night Combat (360 or Steam) some time. More players can only be a good thing.

              I stopped playing Monday Night Combat for the same tired reason I'm always expressing with multiplayer games, always playing with foreign hosts. I only remember the same 2 Australian players during my time in that.
              Although I did hear Steam had server control. Odd, considering the game came out on 360 first...

              i bought it on steam a while back but my laptop is too lame to run it properly - how sucky is that?!
              But yeah, i'll definately be considering getting it on 360 now

                It would be nice on Steam, once it was released on PC it got a LOT of support, even from the Team Fortress team (against the small backlash it recieved from copying it). Now it's really popular and people are looking forward to its spiritual sequel.

                I should probably look up any 360 updates that may have come since I stopped playing, probably has had it's netcoding tidied up since then.

                I still get on there once a week or so (on XBLA) - doesn't seem to be too much trouble find a match either - it is really original among all the shooters I've played.

              I would be happy to jump on occasionally for some matches. I played a bit but found it a bit lacking after a while if playing with randoms
              if we can get some kotaku people on board that is likely to be a whole different story

    any chance the Outland price drop will be on PSN as well?

    Hey, I can afford Serious Sam! YAY!

      EB Games currently have the retail disc of Serious Sam 1 & 2 for $15 - and you can't get Sam2 on the Aus marketplace.

    Might have to grab Outland. I have 400 or so points that have been around since I got Bastion.

    How about instead of cutting prices, make the points somewhat comparable to other countries. A 800 point game should be close to $8, not near $15.

    I'd buy a lot more stuff off XBLA if I didn't feel ripped off every time I bought points.

      Harvey Norman is currently selling 1500pts for $19 which is astonishing given it's Harvey Norman!

    Anyone played Star Raiders? That was my first love on the Atari 600XL computer. The IOS clone 'inspired by' star raiders is lame. Is the XBLA version any good? Or is it just a crap game and nostalgia is the only good thing about it?

    My brother mentioned he got a month of gold for $1 last too.

    Trials HD is the most fun you'll ever have sustaining a life threatening blunt force trauma. It's the only game I've ever played where failure can be as consistently entertaining as success

      Super Meat Boy ;)

    D&D:Daggerdale should be the deal of the week:

    The others don't say "gold exclusive" for the discounted price, which suggests they're a permanent reduction.

    Damn already bought Trials and Bionic Commando in previous sales and bought MNC on release (totally worth it) the rest of it - not too sure - played the demo of Outland but it just didn't click for me.

    Is that all over or just in Australia? If it's everywhere then it's a bit irritating!!! I just bought Trials HD there a week ago for full price!!! AAARRGGH!! Damn you Microsoft!

    So it looks like the price reductions were temporary. Trials is back up to 1200 points when I tried to get it today. Or perhaps it's just special pricing for Xmas

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