Xbox Live Down And Out

Xbox Live is down right now. Here's the official word from Xbox Live's Eric Neustadter: " is having issues at the moment. It's being worked on — sorry for the hassle, folks."


    And I thought it was just my wacky router last night! :)

      Thank god I didn't play last night, when these things happen the last thing I thinks is that is a problem in xboxlive and waste hours trying to fix it myself.

    Good thing Deus Ex is single player :)

      Yay! Deus Ex excellence ftw :D

        Must have more AUGS! *up all night*

    Seems to be working fine now.

    I think this has been brewing for a few days. I've been having Live signout issues over the weekend trying to watch the Rugby via Fox4Box.

    *gasp* it must be Anonymous! Run for your lives, cancel your credit card! Make your peace with God! etc etc

    I blame the FIFA 12 demo. I had to cue it up from the xbox website to get it started, and then it came down so fucking slow.

    So Xbox Live went down, and yet we could all still continue to play our singleplayer games. If the publishers have their way with their "you must be online to play" DRM then that'll be a thing of the past...

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