Yesterday Was The Biggest Tokyo Game Show Day. Ever!

Yesterday Was The Biggest Tokyo Game Show Day. Ever!

Some of the booths are smaller, sure. Some companies weren’t even there. Right now, they’re probably having regrets, because the first public day of the 2011 Tokyo Game Show was the biggest ever.

On the first day, over 86,200 people attended TGS, compared to 81,469 people last year and 61,138 people the year before. The number of folks even surpassed 2006’s show which had the PS3’s first public unveiling. That year, approximately 84,800 people attended the show. This year, Sony is showing off the PS Vita, its new portable game machine.

This year’s TGS attendees have had to battle rain and power conservation as well as unbelievable crowds and long lines.

With all these gamers turning up, hungry to play video games, it’s a shame that companies aren’t rolling out the demo kiosks in full force — or showing up. With numbers like this, though, look to next year’s TGS to be bigger and better.

ゲームショウ2011 : 一般初日は過去最高の8万6200人 [Mantan Web via オレ的ゲーム速報]

(Top photo: Luke Plunkett | Kotaku)


  • people in the west need to understand that the PSP is HUGE in japan at the moment. Last year Monster Hunter sold 4 million units on the PSP, also for the last year the PSP have been getting 1-3 games released a week in japan.

    • The handheld market over there is insane, I’m really surprised that Sony only turned up with 80 Vita units for show.

      The lines were filling up incredibly fast, massive wait times, they could have really dominated with the Vita this year.

  • Enforced power saving stopped sometime last week or this week.

    Also where was the rain? I came from Saitama and I didn’t see a drop of rain on my way there and back yesterday.

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