You'll Want To Update Your Drivers Before You Play Battlefield 3

If you're planning on playing Battlefield 3 on the PC, you might just want to update your graphics card drivers before you play. Doesn't matter whether you've got, Nvidia or AMD, they're both getting updates just for the year's biggest PC shooter.

Nvidia's beta drivers, minted for the Battlefield 3 beta kicking off this week, are already out, and in some cases claim to increase performance up to 38%.

AMD cards will get something similar, though these won't be out until later in the week.

While PC users should be updating their drivers regularly anyway, it's not often you see both companies come out and make such a big deal out of one game. Meaning either these drivers do work wonders or, as seems more likely, they're just using Battlefield 3's high profile as an opportunity to do a little marketing.


    I got my early access code, but I'm not at home to take advantage of it. I've passed it on to my friend.

    *sigh* Kotaku, AMD already has beta drivers as well -_-

    Cmon now, the most recent Nvidia drivers are bloody horrible. Inconsistent frame rates, poor performance and generally unstable.

    280 drivers suck wang. I'd hope the new ones are better ... or i'll certainly be telling EVGA where they can stick their 580 Overclocked GTX's. >.>

    you NEED the new drivers. I tried to join a server and it rejected me (after sitting in a que for 5 minutes) because my ATI drivers are 2 weeks out of date...

    while i want to buy the game my computer will be unable to play it. so pretty sure ill be giving this game a miss

    With CoD, you have to upgrade/fix the game to work with your computer.
    With battlefield, you upgrade your computer to work the game, sans awesome.
    Can't wait.

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