Zynga Shed 3 Million Gaming Addicts, But Still Have Plenty

Zynga Shed 3 Million Gaming Addicts, But Still Have Plenty

Usually Zynga, makers of FarmVille, can brag. Not today. Zynga reports they dropped from 62 million daily users to 59 million earlier this year. Profits dropped 90 per cent. Why? Few new games and lots of hiring and acquiring, says news site Scribbal.


  • Richard Bartle explained that as more and more people play these sorts of games, over time they will realise the reasons they’re playing are different from the reasons you’d have for playing a traditional game. So when the next Farmville, or Cityville, or whatever comes out, they’re less likely to play it. I think that Zynga will lose popularity as quickly as it’s gained it. I mean, they spend more money on analytics than game development. You’d think if they wanted to stay relevant for the longest possible time, they should be developing games that are, you know, engaging, in the same ways traditional games are. Ahh well, that’s my rant for the day.

  • It’s not just the amount of users it’s how much they are spending. Do users that pay for content pay less when their Cityville city is at max level? If so the revenue of each game like that falls as the average player level rises.

  • they should start allowing people to share their favourite games on facebook. they let us share our favourite Music, Movies and Books, I think it’s about time they let the gaming community share their favourite games. what does this have to do with Zynga losing players I hear you ask?(but probably not) another way they can advertise they’re games. for instance you’d be looking at someones profile information and see that they like Cityville or whatever the oldies are playing now’a days, click the link and BAM! your hooked!
    it would also be a great way to source out the meatheads from the true hearted gamers. if I seen nothing but COD BOP and COD MW2 etc on someones profile I’d instantly know that they are more than likely a gym junkie meathead. not that I’m ripping on COD, I like playing myself.

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