11 Minutes, 30 Seconds Of Aliens: Colonial Marines

11 Minutes, 30 Seconds Of Aliens: Colonial Marines

In this lengthy video of Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox head Randy Pitchford walks us through some new gameplay for the upcoming game.

There’s a lot of things to see, and hear, so get to it. Let me know if you’re as impressed with what you see as I was after attending the E3 presentation.


  • Always have to review games on consoles should have had review on pc so than can turn crazy things like AA on 🙁

  • I like the atmosphere, very cool. Also very “console” – Can’t wait to see some PC coverage.

    Also, Randy Pitchford is a dick.

  • ‘Somehow 20th Century Fox trusted Sega’ once again fox shows its incompetence isn’t only in a niche media field, but across the board.

  • I like it but I think the marine we play needs a voice. Silent protagonist doesn’t really work for me when we’re talking about a colonial marine.

  • Wrong wrong wrong. Firstly, Hadley’s Hope was destroyed in a thermonuclear explosion the size of Nebraska. Secondly the tabletop map he points out wasn’t used by Hudson to scan for PDTs, it was used by Ripley and Hicks to plan their barricades, Hudson used a normal CRT screen sitting at a desk for that task. I stopped watching this video after that. Having Hadley’s Hope survive the blast at the end of Aliens is like having the eggs on the Sulaco at the beginning of Alien3. It couldn’t happen.

  • I’m glad that there are other Marines around this time at least, pretty sick of horror-ish games that have you with a group of allies then you somehow get separated and single-handedly save the day.

    Though ugh, definitely over the trope of sci-fi games having pump-action shotguns. Automatic shotguns were invented years ago…

  • Wasnt really nerd rage just stating that demo code is always shown on consoles which look like crap. Why dont they pump out some pc code so we can see it in eye bleedingly good quality istead of the trash console feel with the buttons appearing at the bottom of the screen to tell you how to open a door. Just saying 🙂

    • Because then people get the impression it’ll look as good on console. Using console footage lets the console gamers know what they’re in for and gives PC gamers an idea of how the game will look if they run it on low settings.

  • Wheres the suspense, its just wandering around waiting for the npc to open doors then some light shooting. Also does anyone else just want some difficult and deadly normal aliens rather then just adding new types of aliens, the aliens in this game-play didn’t even pose a threat, it was like they were shooting humans not fast, unpredictable, intelligent, acid for blood soldier impaling xenomorphs. In summary not a survival horror like it should be

  • Looks awesome! Only one observtion – the aliens look too small? They seemed taller and a little chunkier in the movie…. maybe it’s just me?

  • So since the planet was nuked, and he said that if you were anywhere nearby you’d be dead….where did the Aliens come from? They need a human host and they were nuked.

    They better explain that in the game, and how the planet is still in one piece..

  • Can’t help but be slightly amused by the nerd snobbery, specifically the continuity error nit picking. Pardon my saying so here but honestly who cares…?

    While games that are based on film franchises rarely excel at least we can be happy knowing gearbox have made a couple of decent games before.

    Furthermore if you look back at Goldeneye on the N64, it still was an amazing game, and I am quite convinced there may well have been a few continuity errors there.

    Must be sensitive to Alien fanboi’s what type of screen Hudson used. I would opt for a teaspoon in my daily cup of bovril lest I fail to harden up if I were you 🙂

    • Alien fans have always been a funny bunch. Alien3 is more hated than Aliens yet is closer to the original Alien than any of the others. If there were ever a group of fans to defy logical thinking it’s Alien fans.

      • Alien3 is hated because the script made no sense and made the previous movie literally pointless. Then there was the fact that the budget was ripped out of it and the studio forced the director to use awful special effects that he personally disagreed with in order to show off the tech and then decided how the director should actually shoot the movie. Then they cut it to shreds in the editing room and pasted it back together in a far lesser form.

        The result was a mangled mess of a film that made the fledgling director look terrible at his job. Now, that director is David Fucking Fincher, who is undoubtedly one of the best directors working today.

        Alien 3 was like Alien in a lot of ways, but not in the way that mattered. It didn’t give you anything to care about and taught you from the opening scene that caring about any of the characters is a waste of time. The Assembly Cut is the closest you’ll ever get to a proper Director’s Cut. It’s a hell of a lot better, despite being entirely unfinished.

        Now, Resurrection… that gets some unfair treatment.

    • Actually I don’t care what type of Screen Hudson used. But when Randy Pitchfork comes along and tells us that he’s a massive, massive Aliens fan and then instantly starts talking utter shite that’s completely wrong about what actually happened in the film then it tends to get me riled up.

      Furthermore, you ask who honestly cares about continuity nitpicking? I dunno, a massive thermonuclear explosion that killed everything being totally dumbed down into a mere queef that only blew out the windows. Yeah, that’s just stupid.

      Might as well make a game where you’re in charge of the second voyage of the Titanic, ignoring that fact that the boat ever actually sank.

      • So you know for a fact that the explosion did the damage they thought it would? Because I watched the movie yesterday. There is no guarantee that the explosion actually destroyed the structure and considering the way “the Company” operates what’s to say they didn’t have the structures built from a material that could survive such explosions?

        • Well it looks like a pretty comprehensive blast in the movie. But even if the structure did survive i doubt even more that the internal bits and bobs like chairs, lockers, and the previously mentioned tabletop map that are seen in this clip of the game would have been made of such sturdy nuclear blast resistant material.

          What’s most insulting about this whole thing is the issue that was raised in another comment. Where did the aliens come from? Surely you’re not going to tell me they’re nuclear proof too? If the original colonist-hatched aliens died as a result of the marines and the blast, then who were the hosts for all these new ones in the game? These are not minor continuity nitpicks, these are massive plot holes that cheapen the whole experience. Sure, you can choose to ignore them like Pat is suggesting, but that’s just excusing the laziness of the developers and will only lead to crappier games in the long run as the powers that be realise that you’ll put up with any halfarsed crap they can come up with.

          • Well the blast could have weakened the structure, a big storm could have done the damage to walls and died off afterwards…as for the aliens? Who is to say that there was only one queen? That there was only one settlement (could’ve been top secret)?

            Remember, the movies, the novels, the comics, they ALL change and twist and retcon the Alien lore as they see fit and no one cares. So why should the game be judged for such a thing?

          • Dude first off let me just say one thing… Randy Pitchfork = gold 🙂

            You must be a massive fan of the series if you can delve into such contemplative explanations for what happened at the end of an iconic yet dated movie. I can totally appreciate that. Jurassic Park is my soft spot and if telltale screw that up I’ll be well pissed.. Especially if they don’t get those awesome four wheel drives looking like the movie. But I’d still play the game, and make a pretty solid effort to look past the imperfections because I don’t care about what they got wrong as much as I care about what they get right.

            Aliens and Jurassic Park, both in cinema and games don’t have brilliant track records. It’s not like the games and sequel movies are renown for being succinct so far as plot is concerned.

            For the record, I’ll be honest in that I don’t know much about the Alien franchise. I know H.R Giger modelled the design for the first alien on his wife. Weird guy.

            I don’t remember the end of Aliens and Alien Vs Predator (although awesome) makes no sense whatsoever to me. So I’m willing to let Pitchfork make a few errors in his narration of this game that is very much still in development. As for his genuine status as a big Alien fan, I don’t him and have never met him honestly idk. But surely laziness isn’t the right way to classify the game over a few tiny mistakes? I reckon it looks like a great interpretation of the Alien world and sure hope they learned their lesson after Duke Nukem.

            Cheers 🙂

          • Thanks for the sensible replies guys. I could go on and on about what’s right and wrong with Alien3, Resurrection, and AVP (shudder, only wrong with that one).

            But I guess the thing that annoys me the most about this video is this:

            Say someone tells you they are a massive fan of roast dinners, they love roast dinners, they cook the best roast dinners, hell, they’ve been ripping off roast dinners for years and making a career out of ripping off roast dinners! So they invite you round for a delicious Sunday roast, you sit down expecting a real treat, man, they couldn’t get enough of telling you how much of a roast dinner fan they were, mmm hmm, my mouth is watering already!

            And then the very first dish they lay down on the table is a bowl of boiled potatoes, wouldn’t that just piss you right off?

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