$15 Price Tag 'Planned' For Gotham City Impostors, Beta Inbound

Clan-Batman-versus-clan-Joker shooter Gotham City Impostors looks like it's going to be about $US15 when it hits, according to the game's official YouTube account.

GothamCityImpostors, the person running the official YouTube account for the upcoming game, wrote in comments on their latest video" "As far as pricing is concerned, the current plan is for the game to be $US14.99 or 1200 MS points."

Of course that's not confirmed yet, but it sounds like it's getting close.

We're also hearing that Beta testers are starting to receive email invites for the game. The beta will run nightly in the US from 7pm to midnight starting on October 5 and ending on October 9. Fingers crossed and eyes open. Or maybe the other way round.

Thanks for the beta tips and to Chodiac about the pricing heads up.


    This looks aweful....

    looks fun, but a "batman" clan that uses guns doesn't really make sense.

      They're not a clan nor affiliated with Batman in any way. They're just random people taking up arms against criminals like those guys at the start of The Dark Knight.

        Seriously dude, your name always pops up in comments. Give it a rest. Especially when you're pedantic about everything. "yo, i have to let the people know i know what's right. VALIDATE ME!" - Chazz, circa 2011

          Muzl, why the hate? Chazz is commenting because he has something to say, which is sort of the whole point of the comment system.

          As for him being pedantic, I hardly think this is being pedantic. Bigtones made a point, Chazz made a rebuttal.

          Anyway, yeah, this wouldn't be the first group of Batman wannabes to use guns. For more info, read The Dark Knight Returns.

    Got my beta invite! Looked quite fun, and some gadgets to make gameplay a little different from the call of duty games sounds good.

    I also got a beta invite. It's preloaded on steam and awaiting activation. Though the email mentioned "Games for Windows LIVE" at least once... Which might just lead to me rage-quitting before I get past the main menu... :-P

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