16 People Injured On Set Of Latest Resident Evil Movie

The Associated Press is reporting injuries to 16 actors on the Toronto set of Resident Evil: Retribution after a platform collapsed. Paramedics found it difficult to assess the actors' injuries because of the zombie costumes and make-up they were wearing. The victims suffered leg, arm and back injuries but none were said to be life-threatening.

The accident—which happened around 8 a.m. Pacific Time—apparently happened as a platform the actors were standing moved moved just as they were going to another platform. Milla Jojovich plays lead character Alice in the action/horror series, but wasn't on set when the mishap occurred. The incident's being investigated by Canada's Ministry of labour.

Two Tendrils Of Resident Evil's Evolution


    Hey I didn't realize rubix cube zombie was part of the mass before being captured!

    Imagine all those zombie actors falling then breaking character by calling for help!

    Obviously they weren't the fast zombies then.

    Resident Evil movies are STILL being made? REALLY!?

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