17 Minutes Of Slaughter In Hitman Absolution

Machinima has a 17 minute walkthrough demo featuring almost 17 minutes of gameplay for Hitman Absolution, and while I get the impression that some may have fears over the linear nature of the demo - I'm mightily impressed.


I couldn't help being a bit reminded of Splinter Cell Conviction - which I also enjoyed - just in terms of the animations. In fact - the demo has a lot in common with the first demo Ubisoft put together for SCC back at E3 a couple of years ago.

But that's a good thing, right?

Hitman: Absolution "Run For Your Life" Playthrough [Machinima YouTube]


    I haven't really liked hitman games in the past - too slow - but still this looks niiice

      Youtube is blocked at work, but it's comments like this which are disappointing as the game moves to become more accessable.

      I've already read whispers that this footage is mainly to show off the new mechanics and the full game will still have alot of choice, so I'm still very cautious over this game.

        No it still looks as slow and hidy as ever in some spots - so you probably shouldn't worry too much - it's just the mechanics look much better

    The cover system looks great. I just hope they don't get rid of the insane stealth mechanics and bomb this franchise like what happened to Splinter Cell.

    The best thing about Hitman has always been the freedom to approach a mission as you want. Blood money in particular removed most linear aspects of the game and opened you up to get creative. I think any move away from that would change one of the core aspects of the game and make it nothing more than a splinter cell clone. I'm really hoping this isn't the case.

    The new visuals look great!

      I agree. Blood money was also hard as nails, that first mission at the vineyard took me ages to get through, I loved every punishing minute of it.

        Exactly! And if you wanted to you could give up on stealth and go Rambo on just about any mission. That was often equally difficult, but sometimes the quickest way past a difficult stealth level. The key to Hitman has always been choice.

    Animation transitions could use some work. Doesn't look like they're using any blending tech. Having 47 walk while police have spotted and hunting him seems really unnatural. But everything else looked really nice.

    Music and sound effects are a highlight as the previous games never focused much at all on those things. Love the general sense of style in the clip.

    Blood money was very fun game, hopefully this lives up and isn't too gritty. AI looks impressive, the special abilities, umm Assassins creed?

    The music appears to have been ripped straight out of inception, and honesty at least they are picking awesome music. BARRRRRRRRR!. And it reminded me of uncharted 2, were you would roam around jumping on people. Just hope there is a range of different fun assassination methods such as shooting the bottom of the glass spa or dropping a piano, letting a stage person shoot your target then blow up the stage to kill the next target.

    Hitman 2 is up there with some of my favourite games and the peak of the series, here's hoping this is as good.

      (I'd love to play a Freedom Fighters sequel too.)

        YES. I concurr.

    I was on the fence. Yeah I could ignore the instinct mode that pretty much eradicates the challenge of stealth, and I could ignore the deadeye shooting. I simply won't use these things, and hopefully the HUD is optional

    But then the helicopter came, and you were put into scripted set piece, that is horrible in any game, let alone a Hitman game.

    I can only hope its a consquence of being spotted and not a forced roadblock added in to make the game more Visceralâ„¢ for the thickies who lacked the congitive ability or attention span to complete the Opera mission in Blood Money.

    AAAWW they changed voice actors for 47!!

    Other than that, very stoked to play this! Have loved every Hitman game since the beginning.

    47 has never looked so good, his movements are so fluid looking. Hitman always had some of the jerkiest charcter animations. Hasnt changed the fact this game is still badass.

    Hmm... Bit undecided to be honest...

    The scriptiness of it aside, I was under the impression that the real challenge behind Hitman games was to get in, kill the bad guy, and get out unnoticed, without leaving a trace or killing any innocent people (until you've finished the game and decide to run through the lobby mission in Silent Assassin and kill everyone with an axe... mmm... sadistic *drools*).

    This seemed as tho the only way to get through most of this level was to kill police officers. Doesn't really fit in with the whole 'killing is good if the people you kill are bad' vibe that the games I've played in the series was about... unless the cops are crooked... *shrugs*

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