20 Spectacular Forza 4 Custom Paint Jobs Available Already

I'm usually disappointed with most user-made ideo game content. Usually, if gamers are asked to make some art for a game, you get dicks and swastikas as far as the eye can see. But I checked Forza Motorsport 4's custom paint jobs section today and couldn't find any such thing in design section.

Here are 20 of the more interesting paint jobs I found in the community section of Forza 4, which came out just today. Some people obviously had early access. Doesn't matter. What they've pulled together is impressive!


    Of course they are available already - shouldn't a Kotaku contributor be aware that a feature of Forza 4 is importing your created vinyls from Forza 3...

      Don't be silly, the US team don't do research.


    I spent some time last night working on a Motorsports Training Australia livery for the V8SC.

    Created a video of it both in showcase and in use on the track. I will share this on the marketplace.


    Spent about an hour on it so far. Still needs sponsor logos etc.

      There's Holdens in Forza 4?! Whaaaa?

        Sure is, there were 6 in Forza 3 aswell lol.

    I was staggered by some of the paint jobs people came up with in FM3, I am looking forward to being staggered all over again by FM4.

    'oh sick' we can put Nintendo in our xboxes!
    i didnt know southpark was in Forza?! now im confused... if i understand this correctly. people sell these skins, but all these skins are just rip-offs from licenced products...
    fuck yeah ROBOCOP, i wonder how MGM feel about that? yes im being silly but really...

      They sell the designs, but not for in game currency, not real money. Plus its not as simple as uploading an image into the game and pasting it on a bonnet, these people use some pretty basic tools to create some amazing artwork, whether its technically licensed products or not.

        I meant they do sell it for in-game currency. Don't mind me, derp.

        Mario x2, Angry Birds, Jet Set Radio x2, Kill Bill, TMNT, Mass Effect x3, South Park, Robocop, Assassins creed, Capitan America, Resident Evil, The Shinning, Adventure time, Halo and ONE (1) original design (that sorta looks like the little dude from monsters inc but im not sure)

    Love the Kill Bill. How the hell do you do that ?

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