3D Video Recording Coming To The 3DS In Australia

We've seen a few reports floating around the web that the Nintendo 3DS will be receiving the capacity to record 3D video in a future update. We've just spoken to Nintendo to confirm, and Australians will be receiving the same firmware update, a couple of weeks after Europe.

The update hits Europe on November 4, but Australians will have to wait until November 22.

In addition to the ability to record 3D video, the update also comes with a new Streetpass game (finally...) and some aesthetic upgrades to the eShop.


    Can't say I give a damn. Still waiting for those free GBA games...and games in general :/

    3D recording = meh
    New Streetpass game = FINALLY!!!!

      Totally. I think it might be time for another street pass challenge!

        Still my favourite ever article on Kotaku :-)

    I don't want to be overly negative, because new free stuff is always good, but seriously, we're getting delays for firmware now? Any explanation as to why??

      They have to mark up the price. And translate. Right?!

    the only reason i would by one of these would be for the R4 chip so that i can play all the old school games i own all on the one thing. But nintendo are slack and continue to threaten bricking the device. havent you learned that pirates are going to pirate while poor people will only pirate the ones they want to play but cant afford due to your crazy prices.

      You are very ill-informed. There was never any official statement by Nintendo that the use of flashcarts will brick it, only the usual anti-piracy messages. It would be illegal for Nintendo to willingly damage units in such a scenario.

      I hope that nintendo bar any device that is running modified middleware.
      There is no excuse for piracy, if you do it, you get whats coming to you.

      Running your old, already owned games is a grey area for me, but your comment that pirates are only pirating games they cant afford does not justify doing it.

        You can use modchips to play user-created homebrew and applications, too.

        Besides, it took two years for NDS games to start getting ripped and pirated for modchips. With aggressive region locking in the picture, it'll be a long while until the same vision for 3DS is created.

    I hope my american one can update fine :s

    My 3DS looks like yours Mark and i guess a lot of other peoples too.

    I own 3 games and they are all N64 remakes. Pretty sad statement right there about Nintendo's handling of the 3DS since launch.

    I don't give a shit about 3D recording, fix the E-store layout, give us more games to buy each week that aren't monocrome gameboy throwbacks or 3D remakes of shit games.

    Why Nintendo is wasteing a huge money making oppertunity with their brilliant back catalogue of games and some proper advertising, beggars belief.

      I suspect they're waiting for Vita to launch so they can overshadow it with a couple of AAA titles and perhaps a design revision (with extra stick and better battery).

      I also suspect that it won't work. I think that Sony will be smarter this time, and ensure they have a great launch lineup that will blow 3DS away.

        Can't wait for the Vita; it looks absolutely amazing.

          you do realize that the Vita will only have two games worth getting at launch right? uncharted and umvc3, exactly the same boat as the 3DS is in until years end

            You also forgot to say it haves (littlebigplant, modnationracers, wipeout, callofduty, ps2 classics»ALL OF THEM«) lets see your 3DS get to that launching level. ›i think it is a little to late for 3DS to do over its launch again‹.

    I'm planning to import a 3DS and this talk of updates has got me thinking of one thing - how do I get US updates for a US 3DS in Australia?

    Will the hand held connect to the correct server or do I have to update the unit manually al-la PS3 and XBox 360?

    And for those wondering why I don't just buy a Oz 3DS - it's region locked, enough said.

      I have a US 3DS and it connects to the US store and updates firmware without issues.

      The only issue I come across is Nintendo Video is IP locked so you will not be able to use it in OZ unless you use a VPN. That said I've done just that and it works.

      Happy importing! Although as a day 1 owner (importer) can I say... don't do it ;)

        Lemme guess - don't until the hardware and game range improves?

        Eitherway, I said I am on the verge. I'm not committed yet.

        The new Professor Layton game came out so I plan to work on that instead.

        On a related note, those who like the Professor Layton games may get a kick out of the Puzzle Agent games. Effectively the same as Professor Layton except with an American flavour instead of a British one.

    I don't see how we have to wait, we have the exact same firmware as them...

    Awesome, I only just finished collecting all the hats in the last Streetpass game. (I still haven't got a hold of all the puzzle pieces yet though. Close!)

    Very weird that we have to wait so long for firmware though...

      I'm exactly the same. Just got all the hats, now working through the puzzles. While I don't play it every day, I take my 3DS with me everywhere I go, just for Streetpass and I still get hits every now and then (mostly at train stations).

      Can't wait to see what the new games are!

    thats alright, i'll update my US one while my Oz one gathers dust as usual...wah wahhh

    3D recording = Pointless.
    New Streetpass game = Again pointless.
    Just release some quality games.

    I want super smash bros 3DS details to be annoucned god so fucking help me

    i am still confused

    when does usa's update come out

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